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From Twitter 09-08-2010

  • 00:07:34: Actually reading NHL '11 reviews. I can tell who knows their stuff. Matt Bertz at Game Informer knows his stuff. The others...?
  • 00:22:59: People need context with Michael Pachter. He's not a gamer. He's a money guy, and only talks money. He's a more photogenic Bobby Kotick.
  • 00:23:43: It's one thing to say "I think Pachter's out to lunch on this". It's another thing to say "FUCK YOU, MICHAEL PACHTER!" Context, guys!
  • 00:59:38: See? This is why we can't have nice things, @EASPORTSNHL. http://youtu.be/auFgO9EX5Uk
  • 02:13:27: Anytime someone from OnLive talks, I get the urge to start screaming. Like a five year old who isn't with his mommy.
  • 02:36:29: I uploaded a YouTube video -- NHL 11 - What The Hell Is This Guy Doing? http://youtu.be/auFgO9EX5Uk?a
  • 03:46:14: Wait a minute. Most of North Korea is starving, and Kim Jong Ill is talking about making VIDEO GAMES? http://bit.ly/daKFAy
  • 13:58:43: I don't get the PGR guys saying I'm "bitter". Because I say raising prices and making Gold mandatory, I'm bitter? I don't really get it.
  • 14:45:15: I've been negative so far, but one thing NHL '11 has NAILED this year is tips in front. The point game is great.
  • 14:49:41: Hey, Oliver Perez. I'm glad you didn't go to Walter Reed. You've always been a coward, and your presence is an insult to all veterans.
  • 14:52:35: Might not be popular enough to make this worth it, but what the hell... http://www.formspring.me/superbus
  • 15:03:59: Hmmm... 26-3 in shots. Might be time to bump the difficulty up a spell. #nhl10
  • 15:10:44: Fun fact: if you do a fantasy draft for NHL '11, it breaks the first draft; all the remaining players suck. Trade your picks if you do.
  • 15:11:43: Hey, NHL '11 DOES have a "send to juniors" area! It's buggy, but they let you send people to juniors. Nice!
  • 15:25:01: When did election polls in September become Breaking News?
  • 16:34:15: Just a clarification: when I addressed "PGR guys saying I was bitter, it was a couple of listeners on the forums, not the actual podcasters.
  • 17:10:54: Hey, @samarecarm, let me remind you that you're welcome to join us here in CT~ http://onion.com/9vW0af
  • 18:47:53: Game companies: stop using euphemisms with your security updates. They are not "enhancements". They break functionality. No "enhancement".
  • 18:48:50: Anything that breaks what an owner can do with his system - no matter how illicit that may be - is not an enhancement, stop saying it is.
  • 20:00:56: Do goalies in this game do anything OTHER than the "stab at the puck" glove save? That thing's like a cheat move.
  • 21:17:17: Hmmm... the new Gundam Musou is going cell shaded? Interesting aesthetic choice for a series not known for cell shading.
  • 21:30:10: I've been edgy, nervous, in pain, and snapping at people all day. Is this what mensturation feels like? #seriousquestion #donthurtme
  • 22:36:35: I uploaded a YouTube video -- NHL 11 - Not Every Goaltender is Brodeur http://youtu.be/Dcclhp5LYpU?a

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