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From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 00:46:52: RT @dekunda: Happy eleventh, Dreamcast. I STILL WUB YOU. <3
  • 01:55:58: Oh my God. Am I... am I good at goaltending in EASHL!? Wow! I found a niche online!
  • 02:27:39: Handling the puck as the goaltender in EASHL? A fucking TRAVESTY. And of course, my teammates are faggots and quit.
  • 02:49:52: There goes the faggot quitters again. Thank God. My human teammates are fucking retarded.
  • 03:09:41: All I can say about EASHL is this: if real hockey teammates played like my teammates in every game, I would beat them in the locker room.
  • 03:14:34: Now I'm trying to play as a LW with two other human forwards. I have not touched the puck. Literally. No one will pass.
  • 03:16:34: Oh, wait. When the goalie covers it, they make the goalie pass out. Usually in traffic. That's the only time they hit RT.
  • 05:20:54: Bad news, people: Zynga isn't an outlier. This is what the video games industry really is, and has been for years. http://bit.ly/aCVlyH
  • 13:37:19: I'm at Sports Center of CT (784 River Road, Shelton). http://4sq.com/dg6QUb
  • 14:42:10: To be clear: I don't hate Zynga because their GAMES suck. I hate Zynga because their COMPANY sucks. They're a terrible, horrible company.
  • 14:42:44: Activision makes great, sometimes amazing games. But I refuse to buy them because I hate the way they do business. It's my personal stand.
  • 14:43:03: To me, it's called putting your money where your mouth is, and I think a lot of games press needs to learn a lesson in doing that.
  • 15:04:10: So far, every legit contender for sports game of the year is a text sim. OOTP 11, Total Extreme Warfare, and the coming Football Manager.
  • 15:08:38: For anyone wondering: yes, I did just refer to myself in the third person with my @diehardgamefan tweet. I rule so fucking hard.
  • 15:44:13: RT @dmataconis: If there's one thing the New York mosque controversy didn't need it's the intervention of a sleazebag like Donald Trump.
  • 16:00:15: RT @BreakingNews: Florida church pastor says he's calling off burning of Qurans - Reuters (So he's an idiot, a coward AND a pussy - Bus)
  • 16:04:42: Ah... so this is "God's word". @ABC #Breaking: Fla. Pastor Calls Off 'Burn a Koran' Day in Exchange for Relocation of 'NYC Islamic Center.'
  • 16:07:00: Aw, and I so wanted us to give more attention to Westboro Baptist Church, too! They know how to do crazy, this pastor's just an amateur!
  • 16:18:24: RT @dmataconis: If this crazy, Islamphobic, homophobic Florida Pastor wins WE ALL LOSE.
  • 16:40:35: Writing my Hall of Shame piece. On a nice, old-fashioned rant, to the point where I worry I might be going over the top a bit.
  • 17:05:40: Someone sent me an email asking what I would put into a theoretical Hall of Fame. I shall address that forthwith.
  • 17:09:15: Hall of Fame #1: Pong. This game made video games "big", and brought on countless clones. It's still a fun game to play nowadays.
  • 17:09:59: Hall of Fame #2: Space Invaders. This is the game that put Japan on the map. Timeless gameplay, and Taito's kept it alive strong.
  • 17:10:56: Hall of Fame #3: Pac-Man. If Pong started the fire, Pac-Man poured gasoline on it. Still a timeless game, and turned video games commercial.
  • 17:12:05: Hall of Fame #4: Super Mario Bros.. This game literally saved the entire games industry, entrenched Nintendo, and made the NES iconic.
  • 17:14:37: Those four games are the Mount Rushmore of our medium, and IMHO, any conversation about Halls of Fame should start there.
  • 17:15:11: I guess if I were to add a fifth head to any Games Hall of Fame conversation, I'd give a thought to either Doom or John Madden Football '93.
  • 19:07:45: I think this Florida pastor jackass found the secret to eternal publicity.
  • 19:09:09: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: I hear football's on. Have fun with that--Rafa's on the court
  • 20:07:20: RT @twelveicings: Don't care about NFL football either... when does hockey start???
  • 20:18:47: Replying to some feedback on @postgamereport Ep. 116. I intended a few hundred words. I'm already over 1K. #ruhroh
  • 20:19:34: (Before anyone panics, I'm keeping it friendly and civil. I'm also keeping it PG-13)
  • 20:42:07: Oh, so the NFL is playing now? For real? Well, shit on my sandals.
  • 21:32:54: Good to see Brett Favre is the Favre of old. #dumbthrow #gunslinger #whatthefuck
  • 21:40:11: I just found a picture of me from when I was about 11 or 12. I think I know why I wasn't popular as a kid! #dork
  • 21:51:02: I learned a lesson earlier: nothing in life is more vein-popping annoying than being stuck behind someone buying fucking lottery tickets.
  • 22:14:31: Dear Cullen Loeffler: If you want to be included in Madden, then do not send long snaps skipping to your punter. It's your ONLY JOB.

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