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From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 00:34:40: The trading AI in NHL '11 is completely, irrevocably, 100% broken. Oh my God. The trades I've had rejected for arbitrary reasons...
  • 00:48:04: Holy shit... no talking in the dugout. I think @samarecarm is pitching a perfect (no edits) review.
  • 00:53:49: OH FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. I just offered Shawn Horcoff for Jeff Finger... and it was REJECTED. Finger SUCKS. This game is broken.
  • 00:56:05: OK, so I can't get rid of Horcoff... but I did get rid of the awful Tom Gilbert contract for Steve Bernier! THIS GAME IS BROKEN!! #nhl11
  • 00:58:00: She did it! She did it! Mob her at the mound! Carry her off the field! @samarecarm has pitched a perfect, 3,700 word review!!!
  • 01:25:51: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Shame Nomination: The Path: Alex Lucard called it the worst game he's ever played. Chris B... http://bit.ly/cHTW9V
  • 02:04:58: This just in: August sucks for the video games industry. http://bit.ly/c1U0Xc Just like... uh, every year.
  • 04:45:12: Why the fuck are you doing this gay shit? :D — Experimentation is the spice of life! Either that, or I got drunk … http://4ms.me/cuRbTi
  • 15:04:15: This ruling is a terrible ruling for digital rights, and is why physical media is probably going away eventually. http://bit.ly/aQC1Z4
  • 15:21:19: There's powerful irony in Sega releasing ANOTHER Genesis/Mega Drive compilation, this time for PC, where we've been emulating for years.
  • 15:23:01: I'm getting tired of people referring to "hardcore" and "casual" games and gamers. The games themselves can't be compartmentalized.
  • 15:24:18: There's simply too much going on in most games. Plants vs. Zombies looks cute, but it's a hardcore tower defence game with a casual veneer.
  • 15:28:10: Holy shit, Holy Diver is DLC for Rock Band? The war is over! Rock Band has officially beaten Guitar Hero. Hold the parade.
  • 15:29:15: And The Smiths!? Who the hell drugged up Morrissey to let him put their music in a video game?
  • 15:57:18: This Wiki article is a perfect example of corporate censorship, and how stupid it can get. I forgot about this! http://bit.ly/zED4h
  • 16:14:44: RT @nickgillespie: If they can spy on American Idol runners-ups, how can the rest of us feel safe? http://bit.ly/d2ZZWi
  • 16:32:26: Yes, most coaches are slimy. But I read this and went "no, not Bruce Pearl..." Good to see he willingly admitted it. http://es.pn/9lfXFq
  • 17:12:09: I wonder if Richard Blumenthal, after taking out Craigslist's adult section, will work on the "escorts" section of the phone book next.
  • 17:17:20: Just for shit, I checked out Backpage to see how their adult section was doing now that Craigslist's was down. Guess what?
  • 17:18:34: There's none there for any Connecticut areas! There's an entire Adult section for NYC, and Springfield MA, but not Connecticut.
  • 17:19:09: This means that in Blumenthal's race for Senate, he's driven adult services completely underground, endangering lives in the process.
  • 17:19:43: But he's done this ONLY in Connecticut! If I really wanted an escort/massage/whatever, I'd just have to drive the 75 min. to Springfield.
  • 17:22:28: Before anyone asks, I have no interest in buying escorts or what have you. But I do believe in liberty, and a person's right to do so.
  • 17:24:17: A 3 page guide by @edbott is necessary to keep iTunes from taking over your PC with bloat. My word. http://zd.net/bHR1xO
  • 23:11:52: So John Davidson's running GameSpot now? Maybe that site will get some of its dignity back. http://bit.ly/9Bp584
  • 23:29:07: RT @Zerochan: @kidfenris Fun Halverson facts: Before he did all the Gamefan stuff, he was a used car salesman. Explains a lot, really.
  • 23:31:08: Wow, @kidtenris is doing great work with the #davehalversonquotes hashtag.
  • 23:45:17: RT @ErikaS981: Could the Rangers PLEASE just score so I can watch the #Yankees lose and fall asleep?!
  • 23:46:20: I admit that this Recettear game that Steam is selling looks intriguing.

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