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From Twitter 09-11-2010

  • 01:14:56: Fascinating article by the incomparable Tom Friend. Also, fascinating comments section. For the wrong reasons. http://es.pn/d6v8pA
  • 01:26:42: Alright, fake patriots. It's 9/11, so get your silly crying and wailing out of the way so we can move on with our lives.
  • 03:45:40: Political correctness gone amok: according to iTunes, one of the greatest albums of all time is "B****** Brew" #milesdavis #coolstorybro
  • 05:45:19: I uploaded a YouTube video -- NHL 11 - Good Goalie, Bad Goalie http://youtu.be/dk2vxDMDcWk?a
  • 15:51:27: Owen Good - the only thing Kotaku has going for it - nails it on NHL '11, and explains why I get worked online. http://bit.ly/bgtfAO
  • 16:10:41: Didn't they make a big deal back in like... '06 to "move on" with our lives, and stop commemorating 9/11? We do love (profitable) misery.
  • 16:18:19: Writing my NHL '11 review. I might wait until later, so I can be drinking. That's how bad this is going to hurt.
  • 18:54:35: There. #whereweryou
  • 19:26:51: OK! I need a crash course on Digital Devil Saga. Like, immediately. @twelveicings and @dekunda, I'm looking at you two!
  • 19:28:03: I'm especially going to need @twelveicings, if only because I can then quote "RPG Fan's Liz Maas". (Oh my god, I almost wrote "RPGamer")
  • 23:35:04: Someone put together the 50 Playboy images from Mafia II. What's notable: these women had REAL curves! NSFW: http://bit.ly/aL46Iv

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