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From Twitter 09-12-2010

  • 02:22:39: Of COURSE Microsoft is happy with early Reach scores. They didn't give it to anyone who would go below a 9. #selectivepr #thisindustrysucks
  • 14:35:22: Looking for the Giants game in HD, I realize that Jack Lananne has a workout show still. He's 95!!! Jesus Christ!
  • 14:35:51: To put that in perspective, Jack Lalanne is two years older than my grandfather... the grandfather who died in 1983.
  • 14:39:58: You know what's sad? I'm learning things from this "Forever Young" show. I referee high level hockey; I'm an athlete. That's notable.
  • 15:02:51: Wow. This Giants game is kind of a shitshow, eh?
  • 15:11:13: This Giants game is REALLY a shitshow. So... Carolina. Miss Jake Delhomme yet?
  • 15:17:30: Just saw the Lions replay. What the hell was that referee doing? He caught the damn ball. Sorry, Lions fans. All eight of you.
  • 15:19:28: I think we can add "God hates Detroit" to "God hates Cleveland". Moreso, because last I checked, Detroit was completely ruined as a city.
  • 15:22:24: Pittsburgh won. Worried yet, Ben?
  • 15:26:48: Oh joy. Joe Buck AND Troy Aikman in the booth? Let's see what's on CBS.
  • 15:31:38: By the way: the US routed Turkey in the Worlds, in Turkey, with the B team. You guys don't realize how huge that is.
  • 15:33:59: Oh joy, Freecreditreport.com has a new group of naive faggots to do their songs. #mute
  • 15:35:17: It's OK, Seattle. You lost the Sonics, the Seahawks suck, the Mariners are worse... but you'll likely have the WNBA champs! #whoops
  • 15:57:23: Did Nic Cage have a son or something? And how did he get the lead role in Lone Star?
  • 19:12:29: RT @Psymin1: maybe get 5-6 wins this season? (This is where Detroit fans are. "We might go 6-10! We might go 6-10! Whee! Wheeeeee!" - Bus)
  • 19:42:45: "Sting games are like a trip to the amusement park as a grown-up. You have fun, but you feel a little creepy being there by yourself."
  • 19:44:18: Write this down, guys. This is the only time I will ever in my life hope the Redskins have a good season. #mcnabb #fuckthehaters
  • 19:45:57: Is it sad that I see #94 on the Cowboys, and immediately think it's Charles Haley? Wow, I got hit harder than I thought earlier...
  • 19:56:12: I got put into a pole earlier in a game. Now, my head's hurting BAD, and I am losing vision in one eye... and a feature to finish. Uh oh.
  • 20:02:12: This week's NFL slate is doing a lot for the "college is more fun to watch than pro" camp.
  • 20:05:41: RT @twelveicings: Eminem, you're so much better off the drugs. (The difference is palpable. Recovery might be AOTY)
  • 20:08:45: Can someone please tell me the big fucking deal about Lady Gaga?
  • 20:10:54: AWESOME choice for Retro Game of the Day by @emuparadise: Bushido Blade 2. If you can, play this game. Just trust me.
  • 20:16:15: And as much as I love Eminem's Recovery album... where the hell is Lasers, Lupe? C'mon man, don't pull a Mos Def on us. #japanesegirlfriend
  • 20:18:30: Miller Lite: If you don't drink our beer, you're a faggot! That's marketing in 2010. Just shoot me.
  • 20:22:56: Westbrook saves the punt at the 1 yard line... and NBC plays Toto's "Hold the Line". I have to admit... that was kinda cool.
  • 20:40:44: RT @joefuckingbiden: If u r a man & ur tweeting #vma shit while #cowboys r playing #redskins turn in ur mancard & donate your testicle ...
  • 22:38:08: Start the calls for Wade Phillips' job in 3... 2... 1...
  • 23:58:55: Yep. I knew I should have just shut my fucking trap and not talked to anyone. That's what I get.

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