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From Twitter 09-13-2010

  • 01:01:58: Massive thanks to @DHGFMarkB for covering my ass and taking the HOF piece. He saved my ass tonight.
  • 02:39:21: RT @PostGameReport: I swear PGR is almost out!!
  • 13:27:35: RT @usatodaygames: 'Super Mario Bros.' turns 25: On this day 25 years ago, Super Mario Bros. was released in Japan. The U.S. version ... ...
  • 14:10:46: 72% of California residents want a new games law that overrides the 1st amendment. Well, the Constitution was put in to override mob rule.
  • 14:12:31: Is it currently *illegal* for minors (U-17) to buy R-rated movies, in theatres or retail? Not restricted, is it the law? @dmataconis?
  • 14:17:10: Nice step by "Luongo" to get rid of his C, but that wasn't the problem. Playing 65+ games in 6 of past 7 years is the real problem.
  • 14:18:47: Corey Schneider needs to be penned in for 25 starts. Until then, Luongo could wear a Q for all it matters, he will fatigue in the playoffs.
  • 16:44:34: RT @raywashere: At Yankee stadium for Jay-Z/Eminem. You know you're jealous (Fuck you too, Ray - Bus)
  • 16:54:21: RT @DaleNorth: I don't want to know anyone that doesn't like Rhythm Tengoku
  • 17:01:00: You know, maybe we ARE overreacting to Medal of Honor a bit... http://yfrog.com/0fouvj (Taken a few weeks ago)
  • 18:17:55: RT @ErikaS981: @superbus I'm going to tomorrow nights show! =) (And fuck YOU too, Erika! :( - Bus)
  • 19:53:08: RT @maddow: Would respond to http://is.gd/f9iSD ...but I'm too busy working on a story about 17 yrs of trying to undo the DADT disaster.
  • 20:19:28: Jared Sexton of @operationsports is right: NHL '95 was the year the NHL series really made The Leap. http://bit.ly/btLRG2
  • 20:20:20: The gameplay took a slight hit, but the additions of Create a Player and a full NHL season in a 100% licensed game... we hadn't seen it yet.
  • 20:20:52: With that said? If EA releases a version of NHL '94 with a CAP mode, AI tweaks and full rosters on XBLA, I will buy it in a New York minute.
  • 20:35:09: So Mark Sanchez hasn't morphed into 2003 Tom Brady? All the pundits lied to me! :(
  • 20:37:46: What the fuck? Even more dirty pool from Activision, related to dedis. http://bit.ly/1hHGuN Oh, haaaaaaaaaaaackerrrrrrs~
  • 21:29:20: How ironic! I bought Sheldon Souray out in my NHL '11 franchise, and now the real team might as well! #greatminds
  • 21:33:36: RT @ryanaraine: mark sanchez, go to your room.
  • 22:12:39: Javier Arenas is blowing the fuck up on national TV in his first NFL game.
  • 22:50:04: I love that the fantasy hockey commercial for Yahoo on NHL network implies that someone actually owns Ian Laperierre.
  • 22:51:01: "My focus was to come in here and be a pro." Uh, too little too late, Sheldon...
  • 23:26:38: Couldn't happen to a nicer cocksucker. http://es.pn/cIT86q

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