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From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 01:49:08: I have just been educated to an anime called Baka to Test to Shokanju, and its fanservice. I will now wash my eyeballs with boric acid.
  • 02:16:36: WOAH! OK, give NHL '11 a positive: banner raisings.
  • 02:20:08: RT @twelveicings: Lady Gaga, you're my inspiration! No seriously, I had steak for dinner. :)
  • 04:05:43: RT @GIBiz: Mark Pincus to keynote IGDA event http://bit.ly/au6SER (Who are his hype men? Bobby Kotick and Tim Langdell? - Bus)
  • 04:05:56: You know what's awesome about head injuries? They fuck your sleep schedule up like woah.
  • 06:43:47: RT @BreakingNews: U.N. says number suffering from chronic hunger dips below 1 billion mark (I wonder if they count anorexics... - Bus)
  • 06:44:32: RT @JonMurphy_PES: Great news. Xbox 360 demo confirmed for the 15th September alongside the other versions. (Let me get the tissues - Bus)
  • 06:44:58: NBA 2K11 demo today. PES demo tomorrow. Life. Is. Good.
  • 06:45:40: Oh, and painkillers. Copious amount of painkillers. Enough painkillers to kill Keith Richards. That also makes life god.
  • 06:53:01: Justin Bieber is "getting out the vote"? In a country where 1) he can't vote (he's Canadian) and 2) he's too young anyway?
  • 09:34:54: RT @JimSterling: I don't have much of a problem with keeping adult games away from kids. But the fact that parents are never held accoun ...
  • 18:14:54: OK, I've had some nice gallows humour, but seriously, my head is to the point where doing anything hurts. I fucking hate life right now.
  • 18:15:46: CONNECTICUT: The "What Constitution?" State #RejectedLicensePlateSlogans
  • 18:19:37: You gonna take that lying down, @jamiedeloma!? RT @SPBowley: I just ousted Jamie D. as the mayor of Connecticut Post on @foursquare!
  • 18:43:14: However, good news on the horizon: tomorrow, I get a new mouthpiece so that if I get hit again, my head doesn't crack like Humpty Dumpty.
  • 19:07:29: FIFA '11 demo! NBA 2K11 demo! PES drops later, I think! I wish I could concentrate long enough to write about them!
  • 19:12:55: I bought Hexyz Force off of Gamefly for $20. Then I saw that Infinity Gene came out today. Now I feel dumb.
  • 19:17:16: Eric Brown's interview with Gamasutra, if you read between the lines, tells you everything about how companies view Gamestop.
  • 19:20:13: Wow, today's Playstation Network update doesn't suck.
  • 19:20:55: Dear Squeenix: I know you own them, but get your name off of Infinity Gene. Your logo doesn't deserve to grace Taito's games.
  • 19:22:29: Who the fuck is @ihatekatstacks, and how the fuck does this bitch have over 150,000 followers?
  • 19:47:38: Everyone who loves Rareware talks about the 16 + 64 bit era. That's nice, but they were *AMAZING* in the 80s, maybe even better.
  • 19:51:52: R.C. Pro Am. Snake, Rattle & Roll. Captain Skyhawk. Solar Jetman. Pin*Bot. Battletoads. Even their Sesame Street games. Just amazing work.
  • 20:05:01: Sega, by all means, keep releasing Genesis titles to PC while doing ANOTHER compilation. I'll just keep emulating the like I have for years.
  • 20:06:21: I have no shame in this, Sega, but you also have no shame in selling compilation after compilation after compilation with no end benefit.
  • 20:11:11: RT @BreakingNews: Tea party-backed Christine O'Donnell wins GOP nod for Senate race in Delaware - AP (Dems just won Deleware - Bus)
  • 20:13:56: Sega, you made a compilation pack for Steam, put ten old games in it... thensell Sonic Spinball separately for twice the price? REALLY?
  • 20:24:15: RT @dmataconis: RT @LarrySabato: Congrats, GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell. Congrats, Senator-elect Chris Coons (D-DE).
  • 20:43:39: So this Space Invaders Infinity Gene for PSN? As amazing as you think. Not just a shooter, one with a coherent idea to it. Awesome.
  • 20:45:29: With that said, it's not the best game to play a few days after sustaining a concussion. #ow
  • 21:06:04: The PSX Castlevania games are on half-off sale today. Recommendations: Get SOTN, avoid Chronicles.
  • 21:15:14: The tea parties continue to chop off their noses to spite their faces. Hey, Republicans. You wanted 'em, this is what you reaped.
  • 22:20:54: Could Sony be ready to sell us back the backwards compatability they took from us? http://bit.ly/9zFLyb
  • 22:23:34: All today proved was that if people think Democrats are dumb, just take a look at the Republicans.

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