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From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 09:00:22: Dear Myspace: If you're trying to build tools to make your games "viral", you've already lost. That's not how "viral" anything works.
  • 09:01:12: RT @the_pc_doc: DRM isn't about piracy prevention, it's about getting parents to pay multiple times for those Disney DVDs used as shoes ...
  • 09:07:36: It's funny that a party that still worships Ronald Reagan violates his two biggest commandments. I'll let you all guess which ones.
  • 09:34:24: Hideki Kamiya - the creator of DMC - isn't impressed with the new DMC. #ruhroh http://bit.ly/a7Xs0g
  • 09:45:50: And I say I'm getting old, athletically. What a story out of the University of New Haven! http://bit.ly/djjYGI
  • 11:32:34: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Pat Burns just called me Seriously. Here's what he said. "Here we go again. They're trying to kill me before I'm dead...
  • 13:07:23: Obama naming someone to protect consumers is a smokescreen. The man voted for FISA, now he's protecting consumers!?
  • 13:35:19: Massive jump in followers this past week. And they're not bots! Welcome, guys!
  • 14:03:47: I just had a breakaway stopped in NHL '11 by Carlo Colaiacovo, who dove-checked THROUGH Bergeron's body. This is getting comical.
  • 14:41:14: I want to do the @jephjacques Influence Map for myself, but I suck with Photoshop/GIMP. God damnit. :(
  • 15:32:20: RT @Psymin1: Are you fucking kidding me @EASPORTS? I just want to play the Madden Moment of the Detroit/Chicago game, and I have to buy ...
  • 15:38:59: I thought it was impossible to fuck up Fire Pro Wrestling. Microsoft's done it, and desecrated it in the process. http://bit.ly/ds3teL
  • 16:12:22: RT @ryanaraine: i know i'll get killed for saying this but joe torre is/was way overrated.
  • 16:24:02: So apparently, the two current darlings of indie gaming are named "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!" and "VVVVVV" Are you guys even trying?
  • 18:47:48: Mrs. Palin, don't act like running for President is something you decided today. You've been building this since '08, you deceitful bitch.
  • 19:25:24: OK, it has a dumb name, but VVVVVV is an AWESOME game for $5. Really, pick it up.
  • 19:26:07: And yes, I'm playing VVVVVV to distract from the fact that I still can't concentrate or remember things worth a damn. Just kill me already.
  • 19:30:42: #FF @ryanaraine - Security writer for ZDNet, amazing at what he does. Plus, his #FF brought me about 4 new followers. Thanks, Ryan!
  • 19:46:45: VVVVVV is Steam Play as well? This game has @dekunda written all over it. GET ON IT, WOMAN.
  • 20:35:56: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: #icandowithout the virgin jokes. I've snacked on more pussy than Alf. (I have to remember this line... - Bus)
  • 20:40:09: I love NBA 2K, but this isn't exactly the most... accessible game. http://bit.ly/da3xUc This is to PLAY the game!
  • 22:59:11: OK, I must admit, the cover of the latest Game Informer is bad-ass.
  • 23:33:51: I'm not sure I like the NFLPA de-certifying. That worked when Gene Upshaw was running things, but owners have likely learned their lessons.

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