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From Twitter 09-18-2010

  • 00:31:35: I'm sorry, but I'm picturing Pat Burns in Monty Python and the Holy Grail at this point. "I'm not fuckin' dead! I feel fine, dumb fucks!"
  • 00:37:41: Ah, Bristol... gotta love that generous spirit of NIMBY. http://bit.ly/96q8K6
  • 01:15:06: I watched this video, and all I can think is that kids these days can't fight for shit. Get some lessons, guys! http://bit.ly/acnZOG
  • 02:52:36: Patton Oswalt once celebrated the "death" of stand-up comedy in the 90s, in how it drove the carpetbaggers and hipsters out of the medium.
  • 02:53:15: Sometimes? I wonder if such a "death" would be good for the games industry, too. It would flush out the Koticks and Pachters.
  • 02:56:16: Tomorrow? I split time between trying to work out, doing an errand, and writing the FUCK out of some articles. I have ideas brewing.
  • 02:56:29: The only question is whether or not I can concentrate long enough to let them ferment. Fucking concussions.
  • 10:58:59: RT @JVB: So how are Move owners enjoying it?
  • 11:01:17: Baseball fans: Quick! Who is your AL Cy Young winner? Hint: there's only one answer, and none of you will get it.
  • 11:10:13: Dear Destructoid: Please do something about the image scripts making my AV (Avast) go apeshit, it's screwing up my RSS. Thanks.
  • 12:04:23: Life. Is. Good. (@ River View BBQ) http://4sq.com/aaQNGm
  • 22:34:37: Stop, Phil Spector. Limbo is not a "trend". It sold because we all fell over it in love. Stop assuming trends! http://bit.ly/9zDM3u
  • 22:38:19: How's this for a trend: the gaming public likes good video games that don't cost $60. How about that!?
  • 22:50:15: Free Gold weekend? Sounds like a great time to update my Madden rosters.

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