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From Twitter 09-19-2010

  • 09:00:40: RT @glynmoody: Intel + DRM: a crippled processor that you have to pay extra to unlock - http://bit.ly/d0mdr3 "fundamentally anti-private ...
  • 09:08:42: I woke up at 9:30! I woke up at 9:30! Hey, if you know what my sleep schedule's been since I got hurt, that's cause to celebrate!
  • 09:11:05: The Montana GOP wants to make homosexuality illegal. At this point, I almost want to fuck a dude, just to say "fuck you all!"
  • 09:12:16: I'm sorry, I think the timing of this lawsuit is... curious. http://bit.ly/bQM8lW
  • 11:19:55: There's a Milk ad in GI with Chris Bosh in his Team USA garb. Uh... shouldn't he be playing for Team USA? He wasn't at Worlds in Turkey.
  • 11:21:14: RT @dmataconis: Apparently it's Talk Like A Pirate Day. Who decides these things?
  • 13:46:29: Just a thought: most of what GOG was selling were available on Abandonware sites. It was an unsustainable business. http://bit.ly/d9bFQU
  • 13:47:12: That, and GOG was competing with other retro-offering companies like Steam. It's like trying to sell old NES ROMs; that horse has left.
  • 13:52:02: One more note on GOG: I bought one game from them. It actualy set off my anti-virus. They never helped, I never went back.
  • 15:41:10: So my first long distance run since getting hurt... ended in a DNF. God fucking damnit.
  • 15:41:24: RT @JVB: The Jets have a lot to prove today. Let's see how they handle the lofty expectations put on by their coach, fans, and media.
  • 15:42:43: Demo impressions for FIFA '11: The gameplay tweaks are good, but require playing at top level to notice. BAGK, the jury's out.
  • 15:43:51: Demo impressions for NBA 2K11: Gameplay was MASSIVELY tweaked, all for the better. High learning curve, but EA's got a lot of work cut out.
  • 15:44:26: In short, NBA 2K11 is my early favourite for sports game of the year if they can nail the other modes. Too bad UFC will win it anyway.
  • 15:48:24: NBA 2K11 might be so good, they'll force EA Sports to purchase the exclusive NBA license to bury it. #oohburn
  • 16:02:31: This is like Bizzaro NFL season. Oh, except for the Jets disappointing. That's how I know all is well. #justshootme
  • 17:15:03: Nice day in consumerville! Returned my other NHL 11 for three games, only cos me $20, all said.
  • 17:16:49: My three new games: Tales of the Abyss (meh, $20 for an 80 hour game isn't bad), Ivy the Kiwi? (high hopes), and Phantasy Star Portable 2
  • 17:18:33: If only Etrian Odyssey 3 was out... Probably for the best, I can wait for @dhgfmarkb's review now.
  • 17:30:52: How do you screw up Yaki udon? (@ Kobis Japanese Steak House) http://4sq.com/dv7qu1
  • 17:55:57: I just ousted @akeirans as the mayor of The Ice Cream Shoppe on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/cVTSAb
  • 18:52:38: It breaks my heart to read articles like this one about Jason LaRue. I see my own mortality through these eyes. http://es.pn/9nciu1
  • 18:54:00: I'm also thankful that despite my last concussion last week, I'm back to at least semi-normalicy a week later. The one in '04... was worse.
  • 18:56:12: Even then, I still don't feel "right". My neck is still sore. I still zone out. And I still have memory lapses.
  • 18:57:20: It really sucks because I always feel I'm one shot away from life as an invalid, yet I'd rather die than give up sports. But I'm scared.
  • 19:03:56: Jets won, the Chiefs and Bucs are 2-0, Dallas is 0-2, up is down in the NFL... oh, wait, Brett Favre threw a bunch of picks. All is well.
  • 20:21:38: Woah, Kevin Gilbride still has a job? Not much longer, he won't...
  • 20:26:45: Can they revoke Super Bowl MVP awards? #eli

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