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From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 06:12:24: Hey Keiji Inafune, why don't you stop talking for awhile, champ? http://bit.ly/93IP4U
  • 06:26:27: This just in: PR doesn't talk to journalists unless it suits them. Sorry lady, you're not special (via @charlesarthur) http://bit.ly/dr73vL
  • 06:48:37: Is this crazy bitch out of her fucking mind!? Via @dmataconis, at a site ironically named "Big Peace": http://bit.ly/anvQN0
  • 07:00:20: I think I finally met my match: I'm having issues emulating the BBC Micro. This is where people ask me 'why are you emulating the BBC Micro?
  • 07:18:17: Two weeks later, and I still don't know how I REALLY feel about NHL '11. It's better than when I started, but not great.
  • 07:45:32: RT @mozactly: Avoid RT 34 in downton derby. Overturned truck under the Rt. 8 overpass has traffic backed up in both directions @valleyindy
  • 07:45:59: Well, 'aint this a bitch. There goes my trip to Bridgeport this morning.
  • 07:52:48: Everyone needs to congratulate @JimSterling, who just bought a house. Work hard enough, and this business can be VERY lucrative!
  • 08:14:32: Hey! @DailyGamesNews might not be dead afterall!
  • 08:31:42: Few things in life are more fun than browsing around AtariAge.
  • 08:58:33: Either Kuto Tsunoda is lying to our faces, or he might be the dumbest person in the industry. http://bit.ly/cFA7L1
  • 09:13:10: So Nintendo of America is suing fansites that put up images, despite having no DMCA protections whatsoever. Cool, $40 I won't be spending.
  • 09:17:17: Oh shit, son! Book scanner is incoming! Now I can scan all my strategy guides! That'll be a boost to @emuparadise.
  • 09:44:05: I love how guys criticize Lisa Murkowski as she's some leftist nut (looking at you, Jason Pye). She's not a good person, but c'mon.
  • 10:21:50: I'm at Wonderland of ice (Bridgeport). http://4sq.com/deujSQ
  • 12:47:01: Libertarians are really pissing me off lately. Yes, social issues DO matter still. Some of you fucks would vote for Mousollini.
  • 13:27:54: Look, Libertarians: the tea parties are marrying themselves to people who are heavy social conservatives purely to get attention.
  • 13:29:01: For you all to ignore that and just parrot the company line about spending is very irresponsible. When people like Christine O'Donnell (cont
  • 13:29:25: are voted in, and become definite votes against our civil liberties, you're all going to go nuts, but it will be your fucking faults.
  • 13:29:55: RT @ADayLateFriend: Metacritic: 1 mainstream film has an avg of 90 or higher (Toy Story 3). 6 games have an avg of 90 or higher. VG crit ...
  • 13:40:01: Hear that bump? That was the bus, being driven by Shuhei Yoshida, being driven over Ken Kuturagi. http://bit.ly/aaQCYD
  • 13:46:49: "We will not be newfags!" That was almost like Braveheart. Good on you, 4chan. *rolls eyes* http://bit.ly/cWM3vF
  • 14:17:10: FFS, Destructoid. If you're going to have your reader editorials on your RSS pages, put up a cut. tl;dr, motherfuckers!
  • 14:18:21: It's nice that Sunsoft/Gaijinworks is giving the Virtual Console some love, but can we get something better than Aero the Acrobat?
  • 14:39:30: I love how NHL '11 gives guys in their early 20s a C potential, but then gives Jimmy Waite - the Chicago backup in NHL '93! - a B-. #huh
  • 14:43:58: I stand corrected... Jim Waite was the *third* string goaltender for Chicago in NHLPA '93. http://yfrog.com/5ms1sj
  • 15:27:25: I wonder how many guys from NHLPA '93 are still in NHL '11... let's find out.
  • 15:59:01: So in fifteen minutes, the "Whalers" will be back. Colour me... completely apathetic.
  • 16:44:10: My custom soundtrack for NHL '11 took a lot of hits thanks to Apple and their fucking stupid DRM. Thanks for nothing, assholes.
  • 16:44:37: And especially thanks for trying to get me to pay money to unlock songs I bought. I would rather pirate the music again.
  • 16:44:55: Yes: I would rather pirate the music I legally own than pay you assholes to be able to unlock my shit.
  • 17:09:03: RT @the_pc_doc: Every PC OEMs is lining up its ducks ready to plunder the tablet pot-o-gold. I predict that 80% of devices will sink wit ...
  • 19:11:38: RT @mozactly: Ummm, this traffic light at division street is still out. @valleyindy http://twitpic.com/2qfl3k
  • 19:40:59: Oh Daisy, Activision's lying to us again. http://bit.ly/d6v8H7
  • 19:50:26: Oh Daisy, Activision's lying to us again, take two: http://bit.ly/dcd6XW
  • 19:54:46: Question to Mr. Kotick: When a company signs a ten year exclusivity deal with you... how are they independent, again? #bungie
  • 19:57:08: RT @dmataconis: The number of men in my twitter stream who are watching and tweeting about #DWTS when there's football on is....incredib ...
  • 20:21:41: Do you think the injury to @revis24 MIGHT have something to do with lack of conditioning? From... oh, missing camp? http://es.pn/cbG4as
  • 20:58:32: The joys of custom soundtracks: King Harvest's "Dancing in the Moonlight" playing in NHL '11.
  • 21:00:49: The whole deal with the Whalers just pisses me off. Is Howard Baldwin really so foolish? What is his deal?
  • 21:02:29: Attendance for Hartford last season: an average of 4,188 (below league average). And he's saying we can support an NHL team!?
  • 21:04:34: Hartford is not a major league city. The fans are already accounted for, between the Rangers and Bruins. The rest are casuals who don't care
  • 21:08:59: Once the novelty/nostalgia factor of "OMG TEH WHALE~" wears off, the team's attendance will die out, and this experiment will end.
  • 23:10:40: Wow, Nintendo. You're just trying to make us hate the new Pokemon game - and you - aren't you? http://bit.ly/94ivcd

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Sep. 21st, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
Maybe Nintendo wants people to start hating the Pokemon games so they can finally stop making that shit.
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