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From Twitter 09-21-2010

  • 01:28:10: Wait a minute. You can download Sonic's Adventure for $10, and "upgrade" it to the DX version (which I own) for another $5? Cheeky bastards.
  • 08:56:51: Like I said: if @hesster56 says Halo: Reach is that damn good, Halo: Reach is that damn good. http://bit.ly/ak1oyN
  • 08:58:53: This might be the most depressing blog of all time. Mainly because I might be in it some day. http://bit.ly/bv32UU
  • 09:00:42: Twitter, you have a nice service and all, but your security is absolutely, 100% pants.
  • 09:16:42: This comment basically exemplifies my discomfort with that Tumblr blog I linked before: http://bit.ly/9GVIGU
  • 09:24:24: OK! Time to play the NBA Elite demo! I can't wa-- hold on, firmware update? Oh, but of course. Wouldn't want to inconvenience Sony...
  • 09:25:02: And this mandatory firmware update has to be for something good, right? ... 3D Blu Ray? What? Fucking bollocks!
  • 09:54:49: First impressions of NBA Elite: EA BUSTED THEIR ASSES on this. A for effort. Execution? .... C+. Maybe.
  • 09:59:51: NBA Elite: Great new modes. Same shitty NBA Live physics.
  • 10:03:59: All Elite is is NBA Live with NHL '11 controls. NBA 2K11 is going to eat its lunch.
  • 10:42:27: Days like this - when the last thing I want to do is skate - are the difference between a professional and an amateur. #iworkharderthanyou
  • 10:56:35: Please, Mr. Kotick. Just stop talking. http://bit.ly/aeAEsA
  • 10:58:08: Christina Lee is so hot, she almost makes me want to watch Sony Pulse. Almost.
  • 11:12:33: The PLAYSTATION STORE isn't available in my region? OK, who fucked up?
  • 11:25:59: Aha! Ok, so the PSN is going under mainteance... from 11 - 8 EST. That's a long time, and a curious time to be doing it.
  • 13:13:48: I still work harder than you. (@ Sports Center of CT) http://4sq.com/dg6QUb
  • 19:46:59: The Obama presidency was pretty succinctly nailed by @dmataconis in this piece relating to Politico's "Godfather" op-ed http://bit.ly/a5WyKv
  • 19:50:01: How bad is Elite's demo? This bad. http://youtu.be/FLPGDyE5pEE
  • 19:55:21: RT @twelveicings: Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy. - Is that SERIOUSLY the name? Oh GOD. get OVER yourselves, Square Enix.
  • 20:01:58: It should be noted: my reaction to the Elite demo was the same as the guy in that video. The problem is that I have to write about it.
  • 20:19:58: Interesting little quiz that tries to take a Myers-Briggs approach to video games. http://bit.ly/6ktyz
  • 20:26:38: After thinking on it a day, I like Howard Baldwin calling his team the "Whale", instead of the Whalers. Smart move. Make a new era.
  • 21:02:44: So Fox Soccer Channel is in HD. What the fuck took so long?
  • 21:58:23: RT @SPBowley: I'll say it a million times over and over: There must be one poll. It must be neutral, not controlled by a commercial enti ...
  • 22:10:49: RT @pkollar: If you're not reading @DanRyckert's Civilization V tweets, you probably should. Dude's going to destroy the world. I give h ...
  • 22:22:11: Sparky's Angels #MLBNovels
  • 22:49:12: RT @staringispolite: The "No Gay Soldiers" Club: Cuba, Iran, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan. And us. Shame on the GOP.

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