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From Twitter 09-22-2010

  • 08:19:52: "Philly needs to make Michael Vick the starter right now!" "Vick's the starter" "Why did they make Michael Vick the starter!?"
  • 08:22:07: Dear tea party: Celebrating your success on Hannity is pointless. You're only celebrating that you chose the most friendly interviewer.
  • 08:31:41: For such an amazing company, Capcom and their people say a lot of stupid things lately. http://bit.ly/cOtb5A
  • 08:34:20: Congratulations to the Minnesota Twins on clinching. I look forward to seeing them get swept by whoever loses the AL East.
  • 08:37:30: My time spent actually playing Phantasy Star Portable 2: about an hour. My time spent trying to learn how to play it: easily two or three.
  • 08:40:50: So how many NYC area peeps want to meet the Superbus on Oct. 6 at another EA event? *crickets chirping*
  • 08:50:32: A bunch of bloggers are insinuating that Bob Woodward is no longer relevant. I want to laugh until I cry.
  • 09:13:18: So where's this Pro Evo demo I keep hearing about? I don't see it on the 360 or PS3.
  • 09:24:44: While I work, I have the Ottawa vs. Toronto game on. I think Calgary fans are breathing easier now after this debacle. #phaneuf #whoops
  • 09:31:42: RT @warbiany: Using girls who eat KFC would offer FAR more ad space. RT @FastFoodMaven: KFC using co-eds’ butts as human billboards http ...
  • 09:39:05: Phantasy Star Portable 2: Attack Of The Killer Unskippable Tutorials.
  • 09:42:38: Though I have to be honest, dressing my character up to look like Asuka from Evangelion is pretty fab.
  • 09:56:20: Doesn't Tameem Antoniades sound like your parents trying to sound "hip" when he talks about his changes for DMC? http://bit.ly/99VMlH
  • 10:33:52: BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (h/t @DanRyckert) http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/09/22/Bishop.long.sex.lawsuit/index.html?hpt=C1
  • 11:21:57: "Hey, guys! Halo: Reach is awesome! So let's run it into the fucking ground!" http://bit.ly/9BJWK1
  • 11:24:05: Capcom continues to baffle me. "Not everyone can use the effective Steamworks protections... so NO ONE will get Super Street Fighter IV!"
  • 11:24:50: Basically, Capcom is behaving like one of those teachers that likes to punish their entire class because of one screwup.
  • 12:04:41: Dear Facebook friends: Keep spamming me with your shitty Zynga games. I will gleefully block anything you say.
  • 12:06:27: What do you do when your work conditions are so poor that people kill themselves in droves? You put up nets! http://bit.ly/dxzX11
  • 13:08:42: Not only is my partner in Phantasy Star Portable 2 annoying, she's dumb in battle. we both have low HP, yet she just... stands there. #duh
  • 13:25:23: Net Neutrality is dead. http://bit.ly/aEc8o2
  • 13:31:57: Nice marketing stunt, GOG. Too bad you're officially turned me off to your service forever.
  • 14:34:37: What's worse: Twitter recommending I follow Sarah Palin, or iTunes recommending I buy Ja Rule?
  • 14:38:04: RT @the_pc_doc: Hey, Steve Jobs! I want the Swype keyboard for my iPhone, not crappy ringtone generators. Make it happen!
  • 15:40:48: RT @dekunda: @superbus What is this Ja Rule and what has it done to incite such rage? (ilu and your naivete, Sammers~ - Bus)
  • 16:05:01: Who's hooking up his ancient Dell desktop solely for the purpose of playing Ys (which works bollocks in Windows 7)? Why, I am! <3
  • 16:18:43: Another great write up by @ChrisSnr about NBA Elite: http://bit.ly/96ykJB My own demo impressions will go up next week for both games.
  • 16:32:01: Sorry Sony, this doesn't make me want PS+ more. It makes me want Wiimote 1.5 less. http://bit.ly/bGIkMh (h/t @JimSterling)
  • 18:28:57: RT @HipHopDX: Common & Ice Cube May Collaborate In The Form Of Film http://bit.ly/dpjqgw (Old school heads are scratching their heads - Bus)
  • 18:43:26: I think it's time for my annual tradition: creating a "fuck the world" team in NHL '11, including the Chicking Line.
  • 18:51:26: I'm not the only one! I typically disdain Games Radar, but @JimSterling wrote a good piece. Death to alchemy systems! http://bit.ly/aMSAtI
  • 19:59:13: A two second power outage: Enough to make me lose 90 minutes of editing work in NHL '11. #goddamnit
  • 19:59:45: RT @pfzombie: #dontactlikeyounever looked for ctrl + z when drawing on paper.
  • 22:17:52: My dinner tonight is Franken Berry. Did I turn 17 again between lunch and now?
  • 23:16:37: I love it when heavily right-wing Twitter users start following me. They must be so disappointed that I'm not one of them after all.

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