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From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 08:46:13: Wait a minute, there's an NBA 2K11 launch party tonight? Goddamnit! I want to go to that, not some meeting about a Cabela game! :(
  • 09:09:59: The woman who does bicep tests on NFL players and doesn't report says the AWSM set women's rights back 50 years. What? http://bit.ly/9G9oB2
  • 10:47:18: Roadwork in three separate places during the day that closes roads... Oh Stratford, you're as retarded as ever.
  • 10:57:09: Remember, guys: Justin Bieber is only 16 or 17. Imagine if you guys had that level of fame and management thrust on you at that age.
  • 11:01:41: I'm at Metro North - Stratford Train Station (2524 Main St, Stratford). http://4sq.com/dmKmZs
  • 13:51:32: You would think Activision would be able to afford renting a place out, instead of having me meet them "by a truck" in "a lot".
  • 16:11:41: It's no the same without @samarecarm. :( (@ Nintendo World) http://4sq.com/2GOp06
  • 16:35:01: RT @the_pc_doc: Hey Internet, here's how you help resuscitate Facebook. Keep pressing F5 - it lets the engineers know how much you care.
  • 16:46:46: Breaking news: twitter goes down due to weight of everyone bitching about Facebook being down.
  • 18:46:40: Good food, casual atmosphere. (@ Bella Napoli) http://4sq.com/bppR0r
  • 18:48:59: You mean I could have gone to see the Rangers play, considering I was literally at MSG? Damnit!
  • 19:14:28: This might be the best part of NYC, especially on a night like this. http://yfrog.com/4babbjj
  • 19:42:38: I thought of @dmataconis when I passed this reminder of how fucked we are. http://yfrog.com/n2kt5wej
  • 20:17:23: I'm at Grand Central 200 (Park Ave. & E. 42nd St., Park Ave. & E. 42nd St, New York City). http://4sq.com/b2l8nX
  • 21:36:50: Almost forgot: Etrian Odyssey III (NDS) GET!
  • 22:21:12: I really hate this station... (@ Metro North - Stratford Train Station) http://4sq.com/dmKmZs
  • 23:56:07: What's with all these one-word tweets I see? I should do that, but just make them completely bonkers. Like, say nothing but "speculum"
  • 23:57:27: The Pledge to America is nothing more than a contract hit on things Democrats like. It also has the benefit of being class warfare.

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Sep. 24th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
Good point. But I'd still know what the German language is, and God forbid I would achieve that level of fame by singing pop songs and having a ridiculous haircut.
Sep. 24th, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
re: Beiber obviously.
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