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From Twitter 09-24-2010

  • 00:34:05: RT @Aitherion: speculum
  • 08:49:59: I can't feel sympathy for Blockbuster. They were the Gamestop of their day.
  • 09:21:50: I said that Sony's only real response was to block a lot of USB devices to prevent hacks. They actually did it!? http://bit.ly/cdLp9U
  • 09:24:01: Can ANYONE who works for Activision tell me it's not a terrible, horrible place to work? Anyone? Bueller? http://bit.ly/aeE35o
  • 09:39:02: Great, a lot of my soundtrack files no longer work due to the new firmware. Thanks for nothing, Sony! Keep taking my options away!
  • 09:39:26: But wait, I can watch 3-D Blu-Ra-- no I can't, I don't have a Sony 3D TV. So the last firmware was 100% worthless.
  • 09:45:36: Wait a minute, Stephen Colbert is *ACTUALLY* testifying before Congress? In character!? That wasn't a joke!?
  • 09:49:02: Colbert testifying testifying to Congress on farming is like Hulk Hogan testifying to Congress on steroids. Oh wait, that actually happened!
  • 09:50:18: FOX News isn't trying to force a shaving ad down my face to watch the Colbert testimony. So FOX News is what I watch.
  • 10:15:50: People are surprised that Megan McCain acted like a moron? Isn't being a high-profile moron how she got notable in the first place?
  • 10:36:28: "Medal of Honor will top Call of Duty! And if it doesn't, we'll kill the fucking brand!" http://bit.ly/bgV24J
  • 10:38:44: Don't believe Sony. They've been waiting for the justification to kill non-Sony controllers for ages. They want the $$$ http://bit.ly/cdLp9U
  • 11:27:32: Again: don't believe this man. They will just try new ways to blind gamers to the real (added) costs of their games. http://bit.ly/9PflS4
  • 11:34:40: I love how we have to find out about the bullshit that comes with Sony's firmware updates AFTER we've installed them. No transparency at all
  • 11:48:13: I had someone recommend me B Gata N Kei. I will not be listening to this person anymore.
  • 11:51:36: I'm not sure what more progressives wanted with Obama. It's hard to lead when Congress refuses to be led.
  • 12:09:28: Be proud, Virginia. You executed a borderline retard. Celebrate! C'mon, CELEBRATE!
  • 14:12:21: My quickie impressions of Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011: It's Call of Duty with animals.
  • 15:16:47: I'm against the execution of the stupid woman in Virginia. These two fuckers? Let me at them. http://bit.ly/bQ1PUH
  • 15:42:10: Sarah Shroud is either very brave or very stupid. My spider sense leans towards the latter.
  • 19:34:30: I'm at TD Bank Sports Center (305 Sherman Ave, Hamden). http://4sq.com/58ezFK
  • 20:56:20: Wow, is the Blade Kitten demo bad. Not NBA Elite '11 bad, but bad.
  • 21:09:34: YOKOYAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (Amazing goal) http://yhoo.it/dgBa21 (h/t @BigWestMD)
  • 21:25:01: :D! RT @dmataconis: Crappity, Crap, Crap RT @Ledger_Yankees: That's the ballgame. Yanks say goodbye to first place.
  • 21:40:30: This commercial for Plaque Attack is awesome, only because it shows specifically how much the pets *HATE* it.
  • 21:41:15: ... Lingere Football League? Really, MTV?
  • 21:58:16: You know what's awesome about the Lingere Football League? Having women who can't take contact hitting each other with almost no pads!
  • 21:58:27: I didn't know the market for strippers was THAT loaded.
  • 22:35:13: Shit... @TheGoalieGuild is right. Guiguere looks horrible in the 3rd period of this game. Not moving well, not reacting... bad juju.
  • 22:35:34: RT @mopupduty: Jose Bautista trails the entire Seattle Mariners team by only 44 HR!!! (I will now light myself on fire - Bus)
  • 22:39:11: Kotaku just proved something: if you want me to cilck an article in RSS, include a picture of a Mos Def album.
  • 22:48:31: Why didn't the referees go upstairs on that! He didn't have position, he couldn't have seen that hit stick. They should have went up.
  • 22:49:46: Aha! No video replay in exhibition. OK, my bad.
  • 23:32:31: Are these replacement referees in these NHL preseason games? They suck! And they're faggots to boot.

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