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30 Days in 30 Minutes: Hockey Meme!

My next two posts will be some memes that are going around... with a catch. You see, they're one of those "30 posts in 30 days" type things, and I don't think I've made 30 actual (non Twitter) posts this year. So instead? I will condense them to 30 (or so) minutes. Everything for all 30 days will be within this post, under a cut, and for the next one, it will be about video games. This way, I don't get stuck with a 30% finished meme, like the last one was.

So first, a post that only Liz will care about. :D

Day 1: Why do you love hockey? - Because... I really don't know. I don't even want to say it's a cultural thing, because there are a lot of cultural Canadian things that I'm not into. For example, socialism. And poutine. Fuck poutine. All I know is that hockey has always been my first love, and I've done more than just make it a hobby, I've made it a sufficient source of my income as well. I don't know where I'd be without this game.

Day 2: Who is your favorite NHL team? - Vancouver and New York, but really, I love the game. I grew out of supporting teams years ago.

Day 3: Who is your favorite AHL team? - I don't really have one. I guess I have to say the Bridgeport Sound Tigers considering I'm officially on their payroll, but I don't care too much about the AHL.

Day 4: Do you follow any of the following leagues: ECHL, WHL, CHL, IHL? Or other leagues? - I don't give a shit about minor pro hockey, except for the fact that I might be lining the Federal League this year, which is enough to give me the shakes. Other than that, I'm big-time into college hockey. I support Quinnipiac, but I really can't afford to have a favourite team since I might be lining division 1 next year if I can get my weight farther down.

Day 5: Picture of your all-time favorite forward?

I have two:

Messier is everything I think a hockey player should be. Good scorer, good passer, and not afraid to rough it up or get into a fight. To me, he's a legend. He's my generation's Gordie Howe.

Wendel Clark is a player I would have emulated had I been a forward. They don't make them like him anymore.

Day 6: Picture of your all-time favorite defenceman?

I don't think the casual fan realizes HOW good Bourque was. He could do it all. Pass, shoot, skate, defend with finesse, defend with power, and he's even fought on occasion. Furthermore, he's one of the great leaders of his generation. Ray Bourque was an amazing defenceman in every aspect of the game.

Day 7: Picture of your all-time favorite goalie?

Again, I have two:

Ken Dryden retired before I was born, and yet to me, he was the ultimate player, not just for his game - which, let face it, would not translate well to today's NHL (as proven by his poor international record) - but also for his off-ice commitments as well. This is a man who took two seasons off to pursue his law degree, and flaunted to the NHL that no, hockey isn't the only thing that matters. This was a hard lesson for the Harold Ballard-like old guard to learn, who were used to abusing a bunch of boys from Manitoba who knew that if they didn't play, they would instead be working in the mines. I admired not only his goaltending, but also the books that I grew up reading.

I patterned my goaltending after two people: Kirk McLean, and Richter. I actually met Richter a few years back, and for awhile, we had a casual, first name relationship, since I had asked him questions on how to mitigate the effects of post-concussion syndrome (it was concussions that ended his playing career). He's a great guy, and was an amazing goaltender. For as great as he was, imagine if he didn't get injured so much...

Day 8: Picture of your favorite forward from this past season (2009-2010)? Meh, I don't really have favourites at this point.

Day 9: Picture of your favorite defenceman from this past season (2009-2010)?
 See Day 8.
Day 10: Picture of your favorite goalie from this past season (2009-2010)? See Day 8.

Day 11: Picture of your favorite coach?

Day 12: Who is your least favorite forward? -
 Put it this way: I don't care about people I don't like enough to have a "least" favourite.
Day 13: Who is your least favorite defenceman? - See above.

Day 14: Who is your least favorite goalie? - See above.

Day 15: Least favorite team? - I guess I'm supposed to say Calgary, Edmonton or Long Island here, but really, I hate any southern hockey team with virtually no support except fair weather fans. I'm looking at you, Carolina, Phoenix and both Florida teams.

Day 16: Picture of your favorite arena?

... What? It's personal to me. :P

Day 17: Whatever tickles your fancy - Fuck the NHL for continuing to resist putting in no-touch or hybrid icing.

Day 18: One arena you’re dying to go to? - I do want to watch a game at MSG one day.

Day 19: Who has the best rivalry? - I have to admit it's Toronto and Montreal, though the Western three-way between Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver is close.

Day 20: The player you wish you could of seen play?
 - Obviously, Ken Dryden. Though I also wish I could have seen Bobby Orr, if only to see someone performing brain surgery while everyone else around him is doing their times tables.

Day 21: Have you met any hockey players? If so, who was your favorite? Did you get a picture with them? -
 Um... I've played semi-professionally, reffed professionally and meet players every day of my life... I'd say I'm good there. :P As for souvenirs, I don't collect them. Don't want photos, abhor autographs, I just don't care about that stupid shit. I don't need a memento for "meeting" someone more famous than I am. Maybe it's because I've met so many of them that it's become routine.

The first pro I've met is Scott Lachance, the last one I met is Mike Dunham, and the most famous I met was when Messier and Richter. But again, this doesn't count for everyone in between, either.

Day 22: Do you own any hockey memorabilia? - I own enough. :P

Day 23: Greatest hockey personal memory?

Day 24: Greatest hockey moment?

Day 25: Do you have any superstitions? - I always get dressed left side first. Left pads, left socks, left skates, etc. It's a thing. Don't look at me like that, I was a goaltender.

Day 26: If you could play hockey on your favorite team, what would your number be? - The same one I wore for years: 29.

Day 27: What is your favorite hockey quote? - "I'm not dumb enough to be a goalie" - Brett Hull

Day 28: Whatever tickles your fancy
 - I also hate the NHL for experimenting with a referee above the ice, like a tennis umpire, and not going with no-touch icing. Fuck the NHL right in the ass. I love the game, but hate its biggest league.

Day 29: Who & where do you want to play in the Winter Classic 2012? Since 2011 is already set. - Why haven't we put Toronto and Montreal in one of these yet? Is it because Toronto sucks?

Day 30: Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup next year? - My EARLY prediction: I'm actually going to pick Detroit. I think a lot of people are sleeping on them. I think they'll end up beating out Pittsburgh. Again.


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Sep. 26th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
Montreal's playing us :D And yeah Toronto sucks. XD

When I started I hadn't thought my answers through past the 'day of' but now I'm starting to think about the rest of my answers XD
Sep. 26th, 2010 06:31 am (UTC)
Ok when are you going to make the meme only I will care about.
Sep. 26th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
The power of footy compels you.
Sep. 26th, 2010 02:21 pm (UTC)
Look, I'm glad that Pittsburgh (and Washington) are in the Winter Classic this year, but really, couldn't they have picked some other teams? I mean, Pittsburgh was just in one three years ago. There's no need whatsoever to have them in *another* Winter Classic, especially so soon. Guess it just goes to show that Bettman still doesn't give a damn about the NHL as a whole.

(Oh, and Montreal is in the "other" Winter Classic this year. So, they're kind of in one, even if not by name.)
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