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From Twitter 09-25-2010

  • 10:26:51: RT @dekunda: Universal truth: if you stay at the inn for free, shit's about to get real.
  • 10:27:18: RT @DanRyckert: Just played some of the original Soul Calibur. Still the best fighting game ever made. (I will fight anyone over this - Bus)
  • 11:04:08: RT @jlist: Ack! I accidentally followed @justinbieber. Unfollow, unfollow!
  • 13:00:15: I've talked about ACS, the law firm sending out massive, untargeted suits in the past. This article is a must read. http://bit.ly/aAnOmg
  • 13:02:59: I'm going to stress this: the Torrentfreak articles on the ACS emails are *must read*. This is where copyright "protection" is going.
  • 14:26:19: Shantae's new game, even if it's as good as the GBC game, isn't worth $12. Not on DSiWare, a terrible, awful service. Sorry!
  • 15:26:51: If I have to choose between people like Sarah Palin or people like Alan Grayson, I'm choosing a bullet. http://huff.to/9H63yr
  • 18:37:52: So the number 2 executive in MLB is on his way out. Can we please get rid of the guy above him, too?
  • 18:43:00: Why is The Denver Post picking up my tweets about their shitty political candidates? Especially considering I live in Connecticut.
  • 18:49:45: Once again, @locs_n_laughs nails it, with his piece on concussions and the effects non-athletes don't understand. http://es.pn/ci70q8
  • 21:07:52: How can someone as physical as Todd Bertuzzi be such a fucking moron defencively?
  • 21:15:45: I LIKE how Marty Turco looks in this game. He's at the top of his crease, challenging, making saves. I like it!
  • 21:50:45: RT @BreakingNews: When aliens land: UN to name Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman as first contact (This wasn't a joke tweet?)
  • 22:02:09: Hey, corporations! Haven't you heard? The recession is over! So you'll start hiring again, right? ... Guys?
  • 22:09:04: OK... what the fuck is #sharktopus?
  • 22:14:24: Oh my GOD. Fuck Sharktopus, I have to see American: The Bill Hicks Story.
  • 22:18:57: Damnit. If I'd have known #billhicks_movie was debuting in NYC today, I'd have taken the train to NYC to watch it. Damnit!
  • 23:11:51: RT @keithlaw: I don't get the Katy Perry/Sesame Street controversy. When that show's audience sees cleavage, they don't think "sex," the ...
  • 23:25:46: Watching Tampa Rays highlights. You know what I notice? For a first place team, that is a LOT of empty seats. You don't deserve your teams.

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