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From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 10:21:31: "The console war is good for us. Competition is good! Except when it comes to NFL licenses. Fuck competition then." http://bit.ly/9zE6ne
  • 10:52:55: If Factcheck says your political ad is the worst they've seen - and the biggest lie - then you fucked up. http://bit.ly/d0CMGn
  • 12:31:33: My left knee is bothering me. That's much better than having my entire head bothering me, but makes me walk with a limp nonetheless. :(
  • 16:58:01: I just had my first dose of my own, home-cooked Yaki Udon. It... it doesn't suck!?
  • 19:12:44: If @jephjacques developed video games, he would have developed Everyday Shooter.
  • 19:32:57: Gaming tweeps: Gaia Seed. Worth a download?
  • 19:43:49: Hey! Wait! Aren't the Oilers supposed to suck? :(
  • 19:44:30: I've been rough on Sony lately, but kudos to them for not charging extra for their import games. Hear that, Nintendo!?
  • 19:52:48: I'm not that big on Persona 3. And I own FES! And yet, everytime I see Persona 3 Portable, I get that "I MUST OWN YOU" twinkle in my eye.
  • 21:57:33: RT @Psymin1: There is SO much I despise about #Madden11, but almost all of it goes away when I'm actually playing a game. Getting there' ...
  • 22:08:32: Wait a minute, did Mo just blow one vs. the Red Sox? They're like his Kryptonite.
  • 22:44:11: I feel sorry for Yankees fans. Obviously, their postseason hopes lie on this game.
  • 23:00:51: The Red Sox season ending like that is like making a final stand with 300 soldiers, then falling off the top of a ledge to your death.
  • 23:55:05: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Fame Nomination: Super Mario Galaxy: It's been called the evolution of 3D gameplay, and th... http://bit.ly/cNFXhq

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