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From Twitter 09-27-2010

  • 01:48:44: RT @burning_phoneix: This week in DiehardGameFAN's Hall of Fame nomination:Super Mario Galaxy.find out what our staff (and ME) said abou ...
  • 09:46:21: "We like to let companies keep their own culture! As long as they pump out yearly sequels and don't like getting paid!" http://bit.ly/dy15P1
  • 09:50:31: Remember, kids: video games aren't just for sweaty 30 year olds in Metallica T-shirts anymore! (h/t @JimSterling) http://bit.ly/cNwdMR
  • 10:03:50: My Twitter Rank is "Master". What's your Rank? http://twit-rank.com #TwitRank
  • 10:04:31: My Twitter rank is "Master". I have no clue what that means. Now, I will promptly remove this app's access from my Twitter.
  • 10:04:49: I will do so especially fast because I SPECIFICALLY FUCKING SAID "DO NOT POST TO TWITTER".
  • 10:15:35: BZZZZT! Kotick caught in another lie. You've either been playing games since 18, or don't play them at all. Pick one. http://bit.ly/cQgLTh
  • 13:14:15: I have heard my first Ke$ha song today. I feel like my ears have been fucked by a sandpaper dildo.
  • 13:17:11: I always seem to catch Jewish holidays when I work out. (@ Wonderland of ice) http://4sq.com/deujSQ
  • 15:21:39: "Hey, I'm totally ready for the 2nd floor down!" *SPLAT* "What the fuck!?" #etrianodyssey
  • 16:29:49: Dear @NickCannon: Take it easy, champ. Why don't you stop talking for awhile. (h/t @HipHopDX) http://bit.ly/bgXZTH
  • 17:26:19: This is the best news I've heard in awhile: NBA Elite '11 has been delayed. Best move possible. http://bit.ly/bWod98
  • 17:47:59: RT @BreakingNews: Gov. Schwarzenegger delays California's first execution in nearly five years (But he doesn't delay Tookie!? - Bus)
  • 19:44:41: Today, I heard a Ke$ha song. I figure in about six months, I'll find out who this Katy Perry woman is.
  • 20:00:00: So not only do I not have to give NBA Elite a 3 and possibly Worst GOTY nominations, we get multiplatform Jam! Nice move, EA!
  • 20:06:38: There is so much fucking shit to do in Etrian Odyssey III that it's staggering. Further, I know that I can't make any mistakes. Fun!
  • 21:52:27: Etrian Odyssey is so stingy with money, and items are so expensive, that it's tempting me to break out Mister Codebreaker.
  • 21:59:01: Hey! West Coast tweeps! I should mention that today was 55F and drizzly out here in cool, crisp Connecticut! #donthurtme
  • 22:01:13: As I read this FIFA review by Andrew Fitch, I get the impression that he made his mind up months ago. http://bit.ly/bUI6mo
  • 23:06:21: I am having chocolate ice creme after having plum wine. I expect this to end poorly. #idontcare
  • 23:18:10: I need to stress that EA took a bad deal, and made it golden today. Delayed a horrible game AND are supporting the older one. Great moves.
  • 23:38:18: Let's be frank: @DAVIDPrice14 isn't sorry, nor should he be. Tampa's fans ARE embarrassing, and will probably cost the team in free agency.
  • 23:50:31: As I predicted: Peanut butter ice cream + plum wine = sad tummy.

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Sep. 28th, 2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
Sounds like good weather to me, it's been fucking hotter than it was during the actual summer over here. XD;;

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