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From Twitter 09-28-2010

  • 10:53:37: Activision's and EA's feud doesn't embarrass me, as a member of the industry. Activision embarrasses me. There's a difference there.
  • 11:00:32: Can someone remind me why this man isn't in jail yet? David Frost uses alias at California hockey school. http://bit.ly/9mtpsM
  • 11:31:00: This is one of those days where I'm almost positive I'm going to say something stupid. Absolutely nothing is going right so far.
  • 11:52:18: I can see @TheGoalieGuild foaming at the mouth over this one. http://bit.ly/dyY1Fb
  • 12:19:31: "We can't provide jobs, our stimulus was a failure, and we lied to the GLBT community,but we can wiretap your phones!" http://nyti.ms/da61tA
  • 12:21:47: Mr. Biden, don't tell your people to "stop whining". I would advise you to actually do what you were elected to do. This isn't it.
  • 12:22:34: You were all elected by a stupid population that thought they were electing a rock star. Don't be surprised that they're - gasp! - fickle!
  • 12:25:38: Oh yay. Yet another specialty retailer who thinks the free market only applies when it's advantageous to him. http://bit.ly/a8FAyX
  • 12:30:59: A dog attacks a girl because of a DS game... and it's the GAME'S fault!? Oh, wait... Daily Mail. Right. http://bit.ly/c8BY8J
  • 12:37:13: Sorry, movie studios. I don't pay as it is. Hell, I don't even buy DVDs, and when I do, it's always in a $5 bin. http://bit.ly/bcHI4f
  • 15:02:02: I'm glad Two Worlds II is being delayed. Not because it sucks, but because I know those guys are making it just right.
  • 16:26:37: Once again, Gamers, by way of a Gamefaqs poll, depress me with their base simplicity.
  • 17:49:13: Via @ValleyIndy: Why journalism nowadays depresses me. I got into this business at the wrong time. http://bit.ly/agSFEK
  • 17:55:51: Alright! It's time to update XP on my legacy desktop! Or as I like to call it, "two hours and about 200 updates"!
  • 18:53:42: Already, I've had Explorer crash on me in XP. God, just let me get thing up so I can use it for its intended purpose...
  • 18:57:50: Dear Windows XP: I hate you, but damn if I couldn't run Ys games without you.
  • 20:06:45: It looks like @JenAMcPadden confirmed my fears: the weather this week is going to be absolutely batshit.
  • 20:11:26: Consumers hear that 6% of gamers bought DLC and laugh at execs. Execs hear it and decide that they need to tighten the screws to consumers.
  • 20:26:28: I don't know who Tony Ponce is, but his piece at DToid on chiptune rock is awesome. http://bit.ly/9rNYjC
  • 23:15:14: Hands-On Preview: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011: Activision's newest game will have its own gun controller, and hu... http://bit.ly/9R1IEv
  • 23:29:43: I'm reading some of my old posts from FESS1. This is embarrassing. I was an unruly, horrible asshole in '04.
  • 23:30:24: Though one sentence reeks with irony: "Jet (Enduro), you couldn't get on my bad side to that extent if you tried." #whoops #hetried

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Sep. 29th, 2010 03:18 pm (UTC)
oh, so you also think you were an idiot in 04. XD
jet was such a nice guy to me. too bad he also told me he hated people. ^__^
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