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From Twitter 09-29-2010

  • 01:01:00: I'll say the same thing about the 3DS that I say about all hardware: give me two price cuts and mature software. Until then, no thanks.
  • 01:01:29: I am not about to spend $300 on what could be nothing more than a gimmick. Especially considering Nintendo's point-upgrade tricks.
  • 01:01:49: And trying to tell us about a Gameboy Virtual Console is shit. You guys don't even support the regular Virtual Console! Furthermore,
  • 01:02:48: how much will the games cost? Region lock? Will they be re-downloadable (unlike DSi games)? You have to do better with me, Nintendo.
  • 01:17:09: Furthermore, region-locking a console, then saying that America/UK gets it a year later? Great way to make us hate you, Nintendo.
  • 01:17:32: It's not 1993 anymore. Japan is not the centre of the universe. All you're going to do is embolden pirates.
  • 01:31:59: Here is the reaction from my Twitter line: "Wow, that 3DS is expensive, what a piece of shiMEGAMAN LEGENDS 3!!! *FAP FAP*" #fap
  • 01:37:04: I stand corrected. The DSi comes out in the US a month - not a year - later. that's what I get for looking at the news at 2:30AM.
  • 12:21:41: Damnit. The one emulator I NEED to work on my legacy desktop - FCEUX (NES) - runs like dogshit. This is going to suck.
  • 12:22:17: Wait. We're getting the Pro Evolution demo *now*? What the fuck!?
  • 12:31:41: Thank you, Tom Knighton! Thank you for finally pointing out that Capitalism does NOT equal Corporatism (a true evil)! http://bit.ly/dkXSNz
  • 12:45:36: This new CA law about impersonating other people stands absolutely no chance against an appeal. http://bit.ly/9MZglk
  • 13:04:51: 24 hours later, and Windows XP is *STILL FREAKING UPDATING*. I don't believe this.
  • 13:06:53: RT @JimSterling: Guitar Hero 6 appeared. First thing I'm gonna do? Play 2112. Second thing I'm gonna do? Play 2112 again!
  • 13:57:37: I'm not sure how I feel about the EA MMA demo so far. Submissions are a bit more intuitive, but I see the potential for exploitation.
  • 14:03:13: EA MMA: Enjoy being taken down every single move.
  • 14:05:58: EA MMA: I hope you like fighting on the ground.
  • 14:19:23: The Pro Evo demo feels like I'm playing a 100% different game than I've ever played. This is not a bad thing, necessarily.
  • 14:21:16: What IS bad about the demo is that because I barely know how to play at this point, I'm getting worked. Badly.
  • 14:28:30: This PES11 demo is not bad. It's actually quite good. But MAN, is it going to take an adjustment. Especially to passing.
  • 19:50:26: Wow, Typing of the Dead is still being seeded. Yeah, I know it's *wrong*, but I'm grabbing that fucker.
  • 19:50:49: With that said? If Sega still sells the game and makes it Win7 capable, I will buy it.
  • 19:52:04: They put ROTK on the iPhone? Interesting! Let's grab it right n-- $13!? Let's... hold off a bit.
  • 19:53:20: Gary Bettman is right: dropping Women's Ice Hockey from the Olympics would be a huge mistake. http://es.pn/ahkBQJ
  • 19:53:48: Unfortunately, you're asking countries where women are second class citizens to put money into women's sports. That's the big problem.
  • 20:41:57: Hey esse, it took you six weeks to figure out that your positive test came from "food contamination"? http://es.pn/9GaxQb
  • 20:43:54: Though this does beg the question: why the hell does none of my food contain Clenbuterol? I'll bet that adds a nice garnish! #tourdefarce
  • 20:46:10: Dear Megaman fans: Uh, didn't the first two Megaman Legends games suck?
  • 21:39:40: RT @hesster56: Enslaved will be a sleeper hit this fall. Looks like solid platformer with a fairly epic story. (Co-signed - Bus)
  • 22:16:08: RT @DanRyckert: Proof that there is no justice in the world: Greg Giraldo and Mitch Hedberg are dead, and Carlos Mencia and Larry the Ca ...
  • 22:55:57: Dear Hydrophobia devs: Take it easy, champs. Why don't you stop talking for awhile. Or making shit games. http://bit.ly/9X7RF3
  • 22:57:14: Congratulations, Dark Energy Digital. You've reached a Bioware-like low. Harrassing writers with columns? BAD idea. You've fed the beast.
  • 23:35:45: It's Attack The Press day. First, Hydrophobia reviewers. Then, Michael Peca at TSN. Unreal. Grow some balls, people.
  • 23:36:05: I do admit that I have to acquire my "attacked by vicious PR" merit badge. :(
  • 23:55:28: Wow, I think I like Mike Peca as an analyst. He's Charles Barkley with an accent. He was BRUTAL on Bouwmeester.

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Oct. 1st, 2010 12:19 am (UTC)
This probably a dumb question, but how would you compare PES to FIFA?
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