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From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 01:06:04: RT @HipHopDX: Album Review: John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up! (What th-- John Legend did an LP with THE ROOTS? I NEED THIS ALBUM - Bus)
  • 02:32:53: Dear NHL '11: When I'm finishing a review in which I slaughter you for being buggy? It's not a good time to crash via another bug.
  • 02:33:28: RT @DHGFAileen: As if I haven't been babbling about Phantasy Star Portable 2 as is: http://bit.ly/9Jghsq tl;dr: I liked. I liked a lot.
  • 03:02:07: NHL '11 review is FINALLY written. 6,659 words, but no one is more qualified to talk about hockey in this industry than I am. It'll be good.
  • 03:09:37: To compare, my NHL '10 review - probably my best dissection of a game along with FIFA '11 - was 5,500 words. http://bit.ly/9XlmCs
  • 03:12:35: I was rough on NHL '11, but this new tuner set is *perfect* for goaltending. Just the right amount of acceleration. Good on 'ya, guys.
  • 03:12:53: Now that I've said the last tweet, @easportsnhl, let's fix that 1500 XP glitch, eh guys?
  • 03:17:41: Dear Sony: If you want me to get Move, you need to remake Irritating Stick for Move. Not a moment sooner. Chop chop!
  • 12:08:13: I'm at Mattei's Deli & Catering (418 Roosevelt Dr, Derby). http://4sq.com/c2XglE
  • 12:42:03: Sorry, Tea Parties. You reap what you sow, and you sowed Carl Paladino.
  • 12:52:23: Political term translation of the day: Likely voter = Old person.
  • 12:55:01: To me, Barry Goldwater is the bell standard of what a politician should be. Ann Coulter's insulting, revisionist history makes me foam.
  • 12:56:40: Shit like this is why Ann Coulter is a horrible person, and if you support her, you are a horrible person as well. http://bit.ly/cwqQj8
  • 13:02:47: I really don't care about Rahm Emanuel, but I figure tweeting about him will get me a few cheap followers.
  • 13:07:05: I get FIFA sometime next week. Please, for the love of God don't let this one disappoint me like NHL '11 did.
  • 14:03:10: RT @dekunda: just because you don't remove a ~physical~ copy doesn't mean pirating isn't still stealing, you stupid chucklefucks
  • 14:48:33: "Acvtivision treats us well! They do! Oh, that black eye? Uh, we fell down the stairs, into a cabinet... honest..." http://bit.ly/9Rrmno
  • 14:50:02: Dear Nintendo: Please prove Michael Pachter wrong. Pretty please? Just to hopefully make this guy irrelevant. http://bit.ly/9ZV5wP
  • 14:54:00: No, Valve! Don't go to the dark side! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! http://bit.ly/bQS2YO
  • 16:06:55: My NHL '11 review - probably coming next week - is also going to be notable in that I break my own rule: I call out other games press.
  • 17:50:54: Here's my question about Alberto Contador: What the hell is a world class cyclist doing eating red meat during the Tour de France?
  • 19:43:22: The Padres offence is so impotent that Viagra won't sponsor them. They don't want their name tainted.
  • 21:33:07: Jon Lester got lit up. Obviously, that invalidates his entire season and he shouldn't be in contention for the Cy Young Award. #dumbvoters
  • 21:38:41: Dear LeBron James: We don't hate you because you're black. We hate you because you're an idiot who is incapable of thinking for yourself.
  • 22:08:45: RT @dmataconis: Alan Grayson: He's A National Embarassment http://bit.ly/a3DdU5
  • 23:02:11: Dear Devil May Cry developers: read this review of Shining Force NEO. What you guys are doing is very, very similar. http://bit.ly/aDENv5
  • 23:33:23: OK, seriously. Am I the only guy in press that didn't fall 100% in love with NHL '11? I usually don't disagree with @SamitSarkar this badly.

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