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From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 13:20:05: RT @DanRyckert: Is it weird that the three 3DS games I'm most looking forward to are Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Starfox 64?
  • 14:35:46: RT @KeithOlbermann: You may not have noticed this, but Rick Sanchez is not on his own CNN show this afternoon.
  • 14:45:18: Idiot hockey fans can't take their irrelevant selves out of the situation. They can't realize just how great Darcy Tucker was as a player.
  • 14:45:57: To them, it's all about what he did for or against *their* team. These people root for laundry, and are too dumb to realize it.
  • 14:55:51: Dear Twitter uploaders: when I see unskippable ads come up DURING a video, I immediately back out. You are hurting your advertisers.
  • 15:13:08: Oh, by the way: Mathieu Dandenauldt retired. http://bit.ly/cnnIA9
  • 15:14:59: Here's a tip: if your PR rep goes by the name "Maverick", find a new PR rep.
  • 15:33:46: Here's one page NO ONE wanted Nintendo to take from Sony's playbook: http://bit.ly/bSi2Hz
  • 15:34:41: Wait a minute. So the 3DS will *automatically* connect online? That's going to be able to be disabled... right?
  • 15:49:12: As happy as I am to be rid of Minaya, there is a lot more wrong with the Mets than just him. http://es.pn/9lJBuL
  • 16:18:39: Dear PR: When you send me review guides with your games, you are wasting paper. I'll determine how to review your game, thanks. #newcoaster
  • 16:33:43: I want to email the guy that wrote this piece and remind him that EA cancelled Mutant League. http://bit.ly/d27VY9
  • 17:13:53: RT @BreakingNews: CNN fires anchor Richard Sanchez after rant - mediaite.com http://bit.ly/d5I7t5 (Couldn't happen to a nicer guy - Bus)
  • 17:26:14: The US's abuse of Guatemala is a reminder that maybe Chomsky was onto something with his books on Latin America.

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Oct. 2nd, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
Leaving aside the media networks being run by Jews, Jon Stewart a bigot?

Sounds like someone's sour for being made fun of!

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