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From Twitter 10-02-2010

  • 01:20:09: RT @dmataconis: What the hell ? RT @AnnCoulter: did rick sanchez commit a michael kinsley-defined "gaffe" (accidentally saying something ...
  • 02:03:18: Currently sitting on 386 followers. I wonder if I'll have an easier time reaching 400 than I did 300, where I kept fluctuating spammers.
  • 02:43:37: Dumb move going into Hockey Ultimate Team playoffs. What was I thinking? HUT makes terrible players good.
  • 02:46:32: Naturally, I take a ragtag team against someone who bought about $20 worth of cards. It ended predictably.
  • 02:46:49: On the other hand, I now have to rewrite the HUT section of my review. That's always positive.
  • 02:51:52: Secret to success in HUT: 1) Spend money, 2) load up on speed boosts, which requires you to 3) spend money. What a horrible game mode.
  • 04:00:33: Well, isn't this cute. http://bit.ly/cu6wPD
  • 04:04:02: Yuki Naja, I too dream of Dreamcast 2. Then I dream that Sammy didn't destroy Sega. Then reality sets in, and I drink http://bit.ly/c8AjVC
  • 04:27:31: Enslaved is only rocking a 79 on Metacritic. Obviously, their PR needs to go bust more heads, right Deborah Jones?
  • 05:26:07: Review for the PC/Mac game VVVVVV is in. Both VVVVVV and NHL '11 got the same score. This is why our review system annoys me sometimes.
  • 06:15:06: 1up says Phantasy Star Portable 2 sucks. @DHGFAileen says it's great. Hmmm... I'll trust the one I sleep with. http://bit.ly/atacYi
  • 06:15:48: Here's a review of Phantasy Star Portable 2 that doesn't suck. http://bit.ly/9Jghsq
  • 07:57:17: Re-reading the 1UP review of PSP2, I have to concede that it doesn't suck like I said it did. However, I tire of short, no-fact reviews.
  • 12:49:23: (NSFW ANIME) Um, I don't think breasts are supposed to do this... http://bit.ly/9f5V6S (AGAIN. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. OR NON-OTAKU)
  • 18:22:10: I'm at Danbury Ice Arena (Liberty, Danbury). http://4sq.com/9ba5NW
  • 19:15:19: RT @dmataconis: Dear Tim McCarver: If you're so damn good at second guessing manager's decisions, go manage a goddamned team and get off ...
  • 22:26:39: Dear EA: Stop fucking with us. You already get $60 for these games, plus paid DLC and that Ultimate Team shit. http://bit.ly/9AWEvE

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