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From Twitter 10-03-2010

  • 00:51:40: This video is proof that Two Worlds II needs to keep their placeholder voices. Make it happen, @chupacaubrey! http://youtu.be/vNDOcyEGhoQ
  • 07:53:47: I'm at The Taft School. http://4sq.com/bv2yNP
  • 13:26:52: RED ALERT! RED ALERT! According to @JimSterling, Koei has officially broken their Musou series with stealth missions. This cannot stand!
  • 13:27:44: What's ironic is that by adding stealth missions, Koei pandered to the non-Musou fans. They might end up with neither of them now!
  • 13:28:09: Don't these guys at Koei read Aesop fables? "One who trades one friend for another ends up with neither"
  • 14:07:06: I don't want to see Jerry Manue be fired. It's not fair that he and Willie had to fall for Omar and the Wilpon's stupidity.
  • 14:12:47: Also, I did four games this weekend! And my head is... in intense fucking pain. God damnit! God fucking damnit! I wasn't fucking ready!
  • 14:13:15: I just want this pain to stop. I want the depression to stop. I want this shit to stop! I want my fucking life back!
  • 14:27:48: Dear New York Yankees: Pack some ponchos when you go to Minnesota tomorrow.
  • 14:34:15: Also, congrats to the Mariners! They lost four straight to end their season with 100 (maybe 101) total losses! Two 100 loss seasons out of 3
  • 14:54:34: OK, I dislike the Yankees, but please don't let Nick Swisher be hurt...
  • 15:08:39: Let me say this plainly: if you are not watching Padres vs. Giants on MLB Network, you hate America.
  • 15:09:01: Related: Billy Wagner is blowing a big situation!? Get out! That never happens! #retirealready
  • 15:14:36: Oh no. Oh no. Already, we have a big time fuck up in this game. Damnit. And after my screw up earlier, I can't say shit.
  • 15:16:11: Yes, the umpire blew this game. However, I screwed up an icing rule earlier. I'd rather have his fuckup than mine.
  • 15:18:39: Am I the only person who thinks Matt Latos looks flatter than a 10 year old boy right now? He better get right, fast.
  • 16:06:01: RT @JPosnanski: Giants take 2-0 lead in the third, and I have to be bluntly honest with you: I don't see two runs in this Padres lineup.
  • 16:28:05: Just came across via text: the Mets lost. LP? Oliver Perez. It's like Jerry Manuel committed seppuku at Citi Field.
  • 17:48:38: It looks like the Padres are out of it. They're not officially done, but you don't win a gun fight with a cap gun.
  • 17:49:12: RT @keithlaw: #poseyed
  • 18:12:05: If you have a must-win game, and you get shut out, you do not deserve to go to the playoffs. #justsaying
  • 18:20:17: RT @BreakingNews: Millions of Mormons told in sermon that unions other than traditional marriage are wrong (We're fuckin' surprised? - Bus)
  • 18:23:48: Nice to see the Giants clinched, but it doesn't matter. The National League is Philly's to lose.
  • 18:24:55: Have a thought for the Reds. Nice to see them make the postseason, but once Philly's done with them, we'll need a shovel to clean them up.
  • 21:44:33: I favorited a YouTube video -- Cee Lo Green - FUCK YOU (Official Video) http://youtu.be/pc0mxOXbWIU?a
  • 23:12:21: My epic - I mean, EPIC - NHL '11 review is finally up! http://bit.ly/cdFZAJ Time to make some enemies with EA Sports!
  • 23:20:59: Review: NHL ’11 (PlayStation 3): Chris Bowen called NHL '10 "the greatest sports game ever." High praise from some... http://bit.ly/d0I0sj

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Oct. 4th, 2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
Edit. Fuck LJ's lack of edit
Have you played you any FIFA 11 yet? I'm liking it. The movements seem a little more natural, crosses actually work, the commentary sounds slightly more natural (helps that Andy Gray talks less than Andy Townsend).
The big thing was that it would be more difficult because the player has more control, but I am only noticing that when it comes to shots. I'm missing hardcore XD;; I also suck at the corners.
The new Stamina system is taking me some getting used to as well. I feel two ways about Stamina in sports games; on the one hand, I know it's necessary so that the game doesn't turn absurd and too unrealistic (realism being what sports games go for). But it also takes away from my fun if I am worried about stamina. And it's not cool to keep getting boring draws in a video game. Still, I'll try to get a hang of stamina.
Oct. 4th, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Edit. Fuck LJ's lack of edit
Don't get me started on FIFA '11.

Not because I think it's bad, or even good, or even in my disc drive! I don't know how it is! I don't know because Lucard *JUST* received it, which means I should have it on Thursday.


This pisses me off because now, if it takes me about two weeks to review the damn thing *properly* (ie, don't just play it for a day like the guys who got the review out before release), that review is going to come... what, almost a month after the release of the game? My NHL review came today, which is almost a month after release, and I BOUGHT that one initially (though a concussion didn't help). Now, I've technically got a week to do a game that I'll receive nine days after release, and ten days after the reviews - all of them sucking dick - came out.

In short, I'm going to be talking in a vacuum.

(Best of all, they sent me the 360 version. Now I have to buy Live Gold for $50, which is money I'm taking away from buying and reviewing NBA 2K11)
Oct. 4th, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Edit. Fuck LJ's lack of edit
Damn. They could at least give magazines the internet subscriptions for free.

Oct. 4th, 2010 10:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Edit. Fuck LJ's lack of edit
Yeah... about that.

I asked our PR guy about that. He said that if Microsoft rates you at all - basically, if you're IGN, Gamespot or a AAA publication - you are in Partnernet, which lets you play all of the XBLA games for free as well. They don't give Gold away otherwise; if you're a freelancer or contractor like me, or a medium to small site like DHGF, you're out of luck. Better save your receipt for tax purposes.
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