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From Twitter 10-04-2010

  • 14:51:50: RT @stackiii: What I would like: less "gotcha" aerial photos/crowd numbers of DC protests, and more arguments for why our ideas are bett ...
  • 15:01:50: Lucard JUST got FIFA, which means I should have it by Thursday. It released LAST TUESDAY.
  • 15:02:23: I guess if EA isn't absolutely sure it's going to get a 9, they can mitigate that by making sure our review is so late no one will care.
  • 15:17:03: RT @Chupacaubrey: Release dates are such a no-win situation, I'm considering not ever announcing any until the game has gone gold.
  • 15:22:33: Here's your warning, Twitter: if you start turning the revenue screws to us, we will dump your service. We'll find a New Twitter *like that*
  • 15:25:00: Do not take pages from Facebook on how to monetize us. If people like me know we're being used or abused, we will drop you like a rock.
  • 15:31:04: How do you sell your new Goldeneye game? Shit on the old one! http://bit.ly/a0oXpa
  • 15:32:38: You are doing it wrong, Squeenix! Stop making Final Fantasy sequels! Especially to games that sucked in the 1st place! http://bit.ly/bjtV61
  • 16:00:27: Oh, here we go with the repeated tweets again. Probably not a good day to announce a new CEO to monetize your company, Twitter.
  • 16:24:11: Dear EA: Thanks for sending me the 360 version of your game, a week after release/reviews at that. You stupid motherfuckers.
  • 16:24:59: We specifically asked for PS3. Now, I have to get a Gold card to play and review a game that will likely disappoint me.
  • 16:25:27: Ironically, that money I spend on Gold is coming out of what I'd be able to spend going to your stupid event in NYC on Wednesday. Good job!
  • 16:25:50: It also means I can't get - and review - NBA 2K11. Spectacular. I guess that's one way to manage the press...
  • 17:38:57: *checks email* Twitter: "You gained like 16 followers, dood" Woah! Welcome, SFX/PGR guys!
  • 17:45:39: The difference in taxes between 2008 (salaried worker), 2009 (unemployed) and 2010 (self-employed) are notable. Govt. hates self-employment.
  • 18:17:00: Today, we have reviews up on DHGF for NHL '11, Etrian Odyssey III and our Valkyria Chronicles HOF piece. Marquee day at the site!
  • 18:25:35: I'm on a roll lately. NHL review dropped today, VVVVVV drops in two days, AND I'm working on an Unbranding the Sheep that takes on MOH.
  • 18:28:15: Nice move by Toronto sending Kadri down. http://bit.ly/c1CQ6T
  • 19:00:27: Just a reminder: my NHL '11 review is the deepest, most thorough you'll read on the 'net. I really believe this. http://bit.ly/cdFZAJ
  • 19:29:15: Nice to see the whole "SAVE THE CHILDREN"! argument isn't just something recent! http://yfrog.com/0vke2tj http://yfrog.com/hts4jgj #pinball
  • 20:41:00: RT @dmataconis: When a candidate has to use a phrase like "I am not a witch" in a campaign ad, they've already lost the PR battle. This ...
  • 21:05:30: Hey! I won a nice playoff game! Nice 2-1 win in overtime! I-- why is my game locked up? Don't lock up, NHL '11... please...
  • 21:05:56: It locked up. The second game-save bug to hit me in two weeks. It's funny, the day my review goes live, I find 3 things that didn't make it.
  • 21:06:13: I almost want to write an addendum to show what a buggy piece of shit this is, and why our rating system sometimes sucks.
  • 21:10:18: On the positive side, I simmed the game I (rightly) won, and won it again. Shit happens, I guess.
  • 21:25:18: I'm glad Josh Bourne agrees with me: we're killing NHL players via overuse. http://usat.ly/aKeW0b
  • 21:27:42: "We have a team that featured Aki Iwamura and a bunch of rookies. It's obviously the manager's fault we suck" http://es.pn/9NL41k
  • 23:19:12: So Lupe Fiasco's album is essentially being held as blackmail by Atlantic? Sorry dawg, that's what you get for signing with the RIAA.
  • 23:20:11: Got a deal for you, Lupe: Get the fuck off of Atlantic, and I'll buy your shit with a smaller, indie label TWICE. Deal, @LupeFiasco
  • 23:34:00: Another annoying thing about NHL '11: "Oh boy oh boy! My point man is taking a shot! I will skate in front of him and feel its power!"

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