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From Twitter 10-05-2010

  • 01:34:32: Me to Aileen: "I'd like for this guy to hit on @twelveicings. Put the results on Pay Per View" http://bit.ly/lQSTs
  • 14:14:37: Wait, you guys are still talking about the Jungle handheld? Really? Just cut and past @benkuchera's piece at Ars, and move on.
  • 17:14:47: Why are we still giving Jack Thompson column space? http://bit.ly/bsEk0z
  • 17:23:27: RT @JimSterling: My impersonation of Jack Thompson: "Ooh, please let me be relevant again! I'll say whatever you want!"
  • 17:46:59: Mom got hurt, so I have to take a day to cover for her at the restaurant. That's OK, I can see @DHGFAileen another day.
  • 19:57:35: Dear NBA 2K11: Please don't suck.
  • 20:18:13: It doesn't suck! It doesn't suck! Thank God almighty, NBA 2K11 doesn't suck! #thisishowyoudoitea
  • 20:20:28: Oh my God. The Jordan part is great, gameplay is almost perfect, presentation is amazing... does NBA 2K11 have GOAT potential!?
  • 20:22:14: FYI for local guys: MASSIVE wreck on Rt. 8 northbound, between ex. 12 + 13. I'd be shocked if that wasn't fatal. @ValleyIndy

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