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From Twitter 10-06-2010

  • 06:53:48: Review: VVVVVV (Windows/Mac): Though he missed the initial release in January, Chris Bowen wasn't about to miss a ... http://bit.ly/ajJg2h
  • 13:29:28: I'm at Port Coffee House (2889 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock). http://4sq.com/dsMysN
  • 14:30:46: Thanks, Ubisoft! By all means, stick to fewer games + Kinect. You're a shit company anyway. http://bit.ly/bkKwC4
  • 14:31:01: OK! Back from covering for Mom at HER job, now, let's move onto doing mine!
  • 14:49:24: Thank you, Sony, for letting PS+ subscribers know just how much they're getting fucked. http://bit.ly/d24e8C
  • 14:50:31: It took professional analysts three days to write off something I wrote off in three minutes. #jungle http://bit.ly/c6hwnZ
  • 14:53:17: Fools and their money are easily parted (h/t @dalenorth) http://bit.ly/bqxY9I
  • 14:54:58: Squeenix is going to make Otome games! What a bitch! Meanwhile, the Chrono franchise continues to collect dust + C+Ds. http://bit.ly/97Y9ES
  • 15:02:28: My NHL '11 review was featured in @TheGoalieGuild's October Scouting Journal. A MUST READ for hockey + goaltending fans! http://ow.ly/2PzyN
  • 15:07:13: Don't even read @TheGoalieGuild's scouting journal because of my review. Read it because no one goes deeper into goaltending than he does.
  • 15:12:55: Also be sure to check out iCoach.com, run by former NHL goalie @stevenshields31. He's always been a real pro, glad to be associated w/ him.
  • 15:20:54: Our tax $ at work! RT @SPBowley: The dude (the SWAT team) were looking for had never lived there. Just his girlfriend. A year ago. Thanks.
  • 15:25:48: RT @dmataconis: I have an idea. Let's let Meg Whitman's illegal alien ex-maid stay, and deport Gloria Allred
  • 15:35:27: As sad as it is to say this, the Supreme Court must rule in favour of Westboro Baptist Church today. The First Amendment is paramount. Sorry
  • 15:41:45: RT @BreakingNews: Texas college student killed in Matamoros, Mexico - AP http://bit.ly/dzfh7e (Lesson: Don't go to Mexico, you fucking moron
  • 15:44:04: I find it hilarious that the biggest trade of the NFL season was broken by a guy accidentally tweeting what was supposed to be a DM.
  • 16:09:09: This just in: Sam Zell and his lackeys are still insufferable pieces of shit. http://nyti.ms/d97FPT
  • 18:03:59: RT @BreakingNews: Ex-Akamai worker accused of trying to sell trade secrets to Israel (If you know what Akamai does, this is a BFD - Bus)
  • 18:05:27: RT @Ronnie2K: Close to 200 people are about to get banned for #NBA2K11 Hacking. Last warning...
  • 18:57:40: Are you fucking serious? #dochalladay
  • 19:03:51: RT @operationsports: RT @crecenteb: See NBA Elite 11, Streaming Live http://t.co/OLs8D9M via @kotaku (Great service to gamers!)
  • 19:18:09: RT @operationsports: #NBAELITE11 UStream has ended... now shows... Bigball12 was removed due to copyright infringement. (Fuck you, EA - Bus)
  • 19:43:09: First EA. Now, Microsoft is abusing the DMCA to silence dissenters (h/t @DaleNorth) http://bit.ly/cOkWmk
  • 19:46:21: Apparently, there are two people who consider the price of inflation in games prices: @benkuchera, and myself. http://bit.ly/cXkp3Y
  • 19:53:39: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Perez Hilton is telling people not to bully. Has he read his website? That'd be like if I started a campaign about ...
  • 21:11:57: My impersonation of a Yankee fan: "We were one game away from winning the entire American League. Let's panic because of one game!"
  • 21:43:18: Dear TBS: This isn't the NBA on TNT. Don't try to replicate that. You suck at baseball.
  • 22:03:25: These stupid strike zone graphics are very distracting. The strike zone isn't fucking perfect, guys. Deal. Enjoy the game. #tbs
  • 22:08:49: Little game-calling tip for Joe Mauer: If these idiots in the booth know the slider is coming, so does Texiera. #whack
  • 22:10:15: And counting my own tweet, I have seen "Teixeira" spelled three different ways. Only @ryanaraine got it right.
  • 22:10:54: Oh for Christ's sake, a Reggie Roby reference!? These numbskulls are trying too hard.
  • 22:12:20: RT @keithlaw: Girardi looks like he's aged ten years since last November. I guess managing AJ Burnett can do that to you.
  • 22:27:45: RT @fivethirtyeight: Haven't heard anything about "ground zero mosque" in weeks. When can we start making fun of those who called it a g ...
  • 22:38:00: Remember all that positive karma Conan O'Brien built up after Leno? It's already gone. I fucking hate you, Conan.
  • 22:42:08: Joe Mauer: "He's a great catcher! Move him to 1st!" B. Posey: "Awesome catcher! Should be OF!" Posada: "He can't catch, so keep him there!"
  • 22:47:16: RT @JPosnanski: Fuentes throws EXACTLY the way those little pitchers used to in the old Nintendo Baseball, right?

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Oct. 7th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
You're making it too easy to stalk you, I prefer a challenge.

On a semi-related note, what the fuck sega lol

Are there actual differences between the versions, like in Pokemon? Or are they just packaged different?
And if I wasn't going to buy more than one anyways, why the fuck would I do it so that Sega puts my name in a blog?! Why is the writer of that article you linked to not a little more...well, going wtf.

Oct. 7th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
ahaha i just found this on bash, i dont know what year it's from


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