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From Twitter 10-07-2010

  • 00:10:22: Yeah, I think the Cranick house should have been saved. In fact, the $75 surcharge is dumb. I guess that makes me a bad Libertarian.
  • 01:31:07: Yes, Gene Simmons. Moan for the people who have lost their jo-- wait. No one's lost their job to piracy in big music. http://bit.ly/9oOKrZ
  • 16:56:23: Some random ABC article just called Tumblr a site of "like minded" users to Anonymous. What the fuck!? Hire a 19 year old fact checker!
  • 17:12:43: Carl Pavano... starting a playoff game against the Yankees. This is fucking awesome, on a completely ironic level.
  • 17:40:40: I remember watching Pettitte at the Stadium a few years back. You don't realize just how strong his motion is. Lots of push and rotation.
  • 18:02:34: OK, I don't need the strike zone graphics to tell me that this Umpire's zone is bananas. #wtf
  • 18:09:29: RT @ryanaraine: the only good thing about this tbs pitchtrak/strikezone thing is watching mariano's cutter hit the same spot everytime.
  • 18:11:56: The observers are right: Joe Girardi looks like he's about 65. I don't think he manages much longer in New York.
  • 18:17:36: Just turned on NHL Network, and I see some moron doing a concert. When did the NHL Network turn into American Idol?
  • 18:19:04: OK, enough of this shit, let's turn back to TBS... oh. In ONE MINUTE, I miss Berkman going yard. Fuck you, NHL Network.
  • 18:20:35: Toronto and Montreal are on! And... still not in HD! Because they're Canadian! Why did I buy this service another year?
  • 18:22:21: Only the NHL is smart enough to start their regular season on a Thursday night. Wait, no, that's absolutely fucking retarded.
  • 18:38:22: Oooof. Nothing Carey Price could do about THAT one. 1-0, Toronto.
  • 18:52:44: RT @burning_phoneix: I go to the videogame store to buy #PES2011 and they tell me their supplier delayed the NZ release date to Oct.21 T ...
  • 18:54:23: Dear @emuparadise: Popup ads BAD. Bad! *hits with newspaper* BAD!
  • 19:04:44: So... anyone want to trade a brand new 360 version of FIFA '11 for a PS3 version? #fucklivegold
  • 19:06:04: Umpiring lesson: unless a manager is threatening to sodomize your young daughter, you DO NOT ring him up in a fucking playoff game!
  • 19:12:23: Here's a good question: should we make questioning balls and strikes sacrosanct if strike zones are going to be so consistently bad?
  • 19:19:17: Gametap sucks more now than it did when it started. This seems to be the final nail. http://bit.ly/8ZCzrs
  • 19:29:41: It looks like even Valve themselves agree with @DHGFMadson on the cost of the L4D2 DLC (h/t @benkuchera) http://bit.ly/aaFMX3
  • 19:36:54: The things I get in my RSS feed from @jlist... (EXTREMELY NWS) http://bit.ly/9Dg7oS
  • 19:41:55: Only @ValleyIndy could pull off using the word "noobs" in an article. http://bit.ly/a9AT1G I sometimes call his site The Evening Sentinel!
  • 19:56:04: The Battle of the Stars website calls P.J. Stock a "popular figure in Canadian media". Who the hell did they poll, his mother!?
  • 20:39:11: Carey Price looks bad. I don't want to say he's nervous, but he's really deep in his net today.
  • 21:31:39: Vancouver vs. Calgary! Chicago vs. Colorado! Baseball playoffs! IT'S A SPORTSGASM!
  • 21:32:06: Correction: Calgary vs. Edmonton. My bad.
  • 21:33:57: Just remember, Calgary fans: You're paying Jay Bouwmeester a lot of money to send that puck over the glass!
  • 21:53:09: Wait, an action movie based on a DC comic with Helen Fucking Mirren in it? What the hell!?
  • 22:20:29: If Kung Fu Panda keeps doing shit like that on the first pitch, he's going to be extinct. #pablosandoval
  • 22:21:31: These Cialis commercials are crazy. "Our product is so awesome, your boner will DESTROY YOUR HOME"
  • 23:09:18: Welcome to the NHL, Jordan Eberle. Wow.
  • 23:16:31: Quick shot! Eberle again, and I think @twelveicings is going to have a heart attack.
  • 23:19:30: After visiting Deadspin for the first time in forever, I can confirm: Brett Favre is no Greg Oden.
  • 23:44:56: Why the fuck is there a fight like that in a 4-0 game? Now a borderline player might be done. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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