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From Twitter 10-08-2010

  • 01:40:23: If @DHGFMadson says a Final Fantasy game is bad... http://bit.ly/cOossC
  • 15:32:07: I just literally called my fiancee a "cheese slut". It's true, though. Woman can rock some alfredo.
  • 15:35:23: I want to remind Leland Yee that Donald Sterling, the housing discriminator, has NAACP awards in his mansion. http://bit.ly/ckTXXP
  • 16:16:29: I want to congratulate Sony. They've made exceptionally stupid people pay for demos and betas via PS+. Good show exploiting some dumb people
  • 16:19:50: Uh oh. Looks like Jerry Brown's campaign is about to hit the bricks. http://bit.ly/a0qwOf
  • 18:28:00: Shit's about to get real for Favre. http://bit.ly/9nJ0Og
  • 18:58:52: Ondrej Pavelic collapsed in a game... I'd hate to be Chris Mason in this case, should this game continue.
  • 18:59:33: Regardless, that looked HORRIBLE. What the fuck could have happened? He just dropped like a rock.
  • 19:02:23: OK, the Atlanta game has restarted, so my guess is that Paveilc is OK.
  • 19:02:57: Mason's focus looks off (understabdably). But he needs to get it together, ASAP.
  • 19:06:56: Holy shit, The Rocket - the movie about Maurice Richard - is on MSG. Excellent movie, with good dubbing.
  • 21:26:24: RT @jamiedeloma: Brilliant! rt @sesamestreet Look at yourself. Now back to Grover. Now back at yourself. Now back to Grover. http://bit. ...
  • 21:28:30: I favorited a YouTube video -- Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster http://youtu.be/zkd5dJIVjgM?a

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