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From Twitter 10-10-2010

  • 01:27:42: Aileen does not approve of my MST3King of Professor Layton. XD
  • 03:15:35: I am "enjoying" the first episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Yes, that's an anime. And by "enjoying", I mean it sucks.
  • 03:18:43: Picture Powerpuff Girls, Ren and Stimpy and a shot of La Blue Girl mashed together.
  • 03:40:37: OK, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt did pick up in the second half. I guess people who like good, stupid action will like it.
  • 03:44:46: Oh boy. Now I'll get to see more ads in a service (Live) that I already pay for. I can't wait. http://bit.ly/bH5SUx
  • 03:45:30: Let this be another "fuck you" to EA for not understanding "please do not send us a 360 version of your game".
  • 11:24:47: I just ousted Dave as the mayor of Danbury Ice Arena on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/9ba5NW
  • 18:21:57: Estimated time to break SpotPass by pirates to prevent auto-updaets: about five minutes after release. http://bit.ly/cq67Qc
  • 18:23:53: With that said, the #1 thing I absolutely wanted from Sony's systems on Nintendo's was a constant, neverending torrent of firmware updates.
  • 20:02:00: After reading opinions I trust, I have to ask... what the fuck did people see when they gave the newest Castlevania such high review scores?
  • 20:03:50: The Lions won today? And by 38? Just HOW bad are the Rams?
  • 20:42:51: I'm surprised this guy's gotten this far, running for Gov. in New York. @csteltenp should have fun with this one. http://huff.to/cSCptp
  • 21:50:43: You know what? I'm going to catch shit for this, but it has to be said: Jenn Sterger has no right to claim "sexual harrassment". Sorry.
  • 21:52:02: Her whole fucking job description is "be a skank". Now she's shocked that someone might have gotten the wrong idea? Are you serious?
  • 21:52:32: This is like a stripper being offended when someone says something nasty. Sorry sweet cheeks, it's part of the job description. Roll with it
  • 21:53:23: And I firmly believe this woman is exploiting this for everything it's worth. She's Levi Johnson with tits. Just a useless individual.
  • 22:16:00: Wow. Um... is Matt Groening trying to tell us something? (via @DanRyckert) http://youtu.be/DX1iplQQJTo
  • 23:09:35: So 1UP AND Destructoid relaunched their sites today. Guess they really like Thanksgiving.
  • 23:11:42: My fiancee tells me Gamecrush is back up. She obviously cares more than I do, though I do have a feature idea...

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