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From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 14:01:07: So Tom Brady and Randy Moss apparently had a major spate about... their grooming habits? Seriously? I guess Brady's hair made him a girl.
  • 14:08:17: It's easy: Randy Moss's beard makes him look like Cornel West. Brady's hair makes him look like he's from the Partridge Family. No one wins.
  • 14:21:01: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! http://bit.ly/axjgsM #bigmedia #corporatism #fuckthemafiaa
  • 14:34:29: This might be a good thing, but here's my question, especially for @dmataconis: Can this judge actually order this? http://bit.ly/bL6EYt
  • 15:22:37: The USS Cole was in my ship's battle group. It could have been us. So it really pisses me off that they've been forgotten about.
  • 15:23:20: Oh, wait, I forgot. The cocksuckers in the media won't report on anything that doesn't have a catchy line, or a picturesque silhouette.
  • 15:39:39: Wow, did Lucard just recommend me Mel B's game? Hey @chupacaubrey, I don't think praise gets better than that.
  • 15:40:22: RT @dmataconis: It’s Time To Start Ignoring Christine O’Donnell http://bit.ly/9mjnNe (We have today's "No Shit Sherlock" award winner!)
  • 19:20:07: There's nothing like getting blasted by the referee in chief because of administrative issues. God damnit.
  • 19:20:59: I thought I refereed on the ice, and not in forms? This must be what cops feels like.
  • 19:24:13: RT @burning_phoneix: WTF? The NPD just stopped giving the public sales figures? We have to get them from console manufacturers and publi ...
  • 19:27:03: RT @OldHossRadbourn: PLEASE KEEP BUNTING. MORE BUNTS.
  • 19:31:35: I guess all I have to do now, after getting blasted and responding (and copping to the fuckup) is to wait to be suspended or something.
  • 19:39:42: I HATE the Niklas Hjalmarsson suspension. Hate, hate, hate it. That was not a dirty hit. A penalty, yes. But interference isn't a major.
  • 20:28:00: Any time I hear someone talking about anarchy as a political medium, I think of doing this to them (via @choochoobear) http://bit.ly/9DEd12
  • 20:58:32: RT @dmataconis: I wonder how much money Yoko Ono made for selling her husband's song to Cisco. (Anything I say will get my mouth soaped)
  • 21:00:42: RT @Buster_ESPN: By the way: Home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg has done an excellent job tonight calling a consistent strike zone.
  • 21:09:10: Assuming this is real, this is probably the worst picture I'll post for a long, long time. (via @molliekatie) http://twitpic.com/2x4gtj
  • 21:26:21: RT @JPosnanski: I can't quite take ALDS records seriously just like I can't fully appreciate champagne celebrations after division serie ...
  • 21:50:35: Cliff Lee is definitely earning a few more millions from the Yankees in a few months.
  • 21:58:24: Enjoy the trip to Texas, Yankee fans.
  • 22:11:13: Jesus. 1up's gunning for cheap hits, aren't they? What's next, Top 10 Hottest Females In Gaming? http://bit.ly/c9lZQg
  • 22:42:05: You know what? I think I will enjoy this unequivocal good news regarding the Chilean miners, thanks. We don't get enough of that w/o spin.
  • 23:08:36: Wow, if I wasn't working on a feature that required money, I'd be all over the PSN store for Alundra. #alreadyownarcthelad
  • 23:11:02: Wow, Zenonia's out on the PSN? And it's only $4 more expensive than the two year old iPhone game? Please stop sucking, minis. :(

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