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From Twitter 10-13-2010

  • 13:58:44: For all these delays, Gran Turismo better have a roadhead simulator when it finally drops.
  • 14:04:15: RT @anthropocon: Also November through September. RT @iowahawkblog: Remember, October is also Breast Awareness Month.
  • 15:21:19: Not sure how I feel about THQ's "Axxess" for SvR '11. On the one hand, a one-stop shop for all ongoing DLC is a decent idea, if you like DLC
  • 15:26:24: On the other hand, I'd need to do a cost analysis of Axxess vs. ala carte, which won't happen for a year. Also, is Online Pass covered?
  • 15:27:02: And I don't like the idea of "this game is $60, but to get everything, it's really $70". At least THQ is streamlining a shitty process.
  • 15:31:34: This just in: today's social gamer, by and large, is a fucking idiot.; http://bit.ly/cRaRDq
  • 15:33:47: Wait a minute, Sony *wasn't* tying games access to newer firmwares? I mean, shit, they do it with PSP games. #surprised http://bit.ly/bWNasN
  • 15:34:56: Uh oh. Is Sony cutting in on Prima's turf? http://bit.ly/bTOLxt
  • 15:37:21: The PSP Go is going to be $50 cheaper. Unfortunately, it's still about $150 too expensive. http://bit.ly/9OnYX6
  • 16:38:22: Gah, I can barely stay awake. I guess that's the consequence of four and a half hours sleep in two nights.
  • 16:43:03: "I'm always looking for an opportunity to criticize Microsoft, but OpenOffice really is a disaster area." Co-signed. http://bit.ly/bUoU24
  • 16:44:01: Three sites I frequent often redesigned this week. Only @jlist's site didn't turn into a catastrophe, let alone improve.
  • 16:49:25: I recently picked up two eroge games that couldn't be more different: Tokimeki Check-In!, and Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~. And... wow.
  • 16:50:28: These games could not be any more different. So far, Tokimeki Check-In! is just mindless crap. But Family Project is outstanding so far.
  • 17:03:41: I keep fluctuating between 398 and 396 followers. This is like teenage foreplay as I awkwardly stumble towards 400.
  • 17:14:13: Fist of the North Star... social game!? This sounds insane. http://bit.ly/bNRzze
  • 17:23:26: RT @burning_phoneix: Are Hicks and Gillet deliberately trying to be as evil as possible?
  • 17:27:46: Awesome way to get Josh Hamilton (recovering alcoholic) into the post-game celebrations... with Ginger Ale. http://es.pn/cSyC0D
  • 17:32:34: Broke down and bought Zenonia on PSP minis. @tech_gaming is right: the ability to see and actually play the game is worth it.
  • 17:32:53: Of course, this means I'm not going to buy Zenonia II because it's obviously going to minis, but hey.
  • 17:34:13: Also grabbed Alundra, because it's been awhile since I made an offering to my Victor Ireland shrine. #pleasedroptherestrainingorder
  • 17:39:13: Alright, let's try the trial version of Sonic 4. Please don't suck... please don't suck...
  • 17:53:13: Wow. This is a really shitty port of Zenonia. Massive control and responsiveness issues. Gotta do better than this, Gamevil.
  • 18:50:25: The fact that Christine O'Donnell is in a 90 minute debate shows that Delaware has an outstanding sense of humour. #desen
  • 18:55:12: Star Raiders is making a comeback? Wow, Atari's really digging deep into trying to please my generation. But can it work in 2010?

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