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From Twitter 10-15-2010

  • 13:42:28: RT @dmataconis: Today is Boss's Day so I'm going to tell my boss he's an ass, take off for lunch, and hang out at a bar. #SelfEmployed
  • 13:46:40: ... Did I forget to edit last night? #badeditor #nocookie
  • 13:49:23: RT @arstechnica: US, Canada have priciest cell phone plans in the world: http://arst.ch/mte (But... we're unregulated! My mind is blown!)
  • 13:49:55: I thought deregulation of companies who are frenemies was a GOOD thing! I never thought they would get together and fuck us! #sarcasm
  • 14:04:18: Last night, I picked up Vol. 2 and 3 of the PS2 RPG dot.hack. Not because I like dot.hack, but because I own the set and I got a discount.
  • 14:04:47: Now, I own the complete Xenosaga set and the complete dot.hack sets. Total combined playtime on both: 1 hour. #mustplaymorefifa
  • 14:20:02: John Wooden would have been 100 today. He just missed it.
  • 14:39:12: I never realized my favourite move on a basketball court was totally stolen from The Dream. http://youtu.be/t4yd-69vYHM
  • 14:41:29: Great piece by the incomparable James Joyner at OTB about how Ronald Reagan would fare as a Republican in 2010. http://bit.ly/aerMxM
  • 14:41:52: In short, Reagan would get blistered as badly as a Republican in 2010 as John F. Kennedy would as a Democrat in 2010.
  • 14:48:18: Watching more Olajuwon videos. What the hell was I watching in the 90s!? How did I miss just HOW good Hakeem was?
  • 14:49:00: I always knew Hakeem Olajuwon was a legendary player. But I'm ashamed that at 30, I am just learning *how*. Like I just discovered Zeppelin.
  • 17:51:17: One problem I have with @jlist: He says all eroge game characters are 18+. That's outright bullshit, if Kazoku Keikaku is an indication.
  • 17:52:06: Jackass is still around? Seriously? That's a really long 15 minutes.
  • 17:53:57: I guess if T.I. thought saving that guy from jumping in Atlanta was going to help his chances of staying out of jail, he was wrong.
  • 17:55:54: Can someone explain to me what Megan McCain has done to justify her fame other than be a drunker, hotter version of GWB's daughters?
  • 17:58:42: With the previous about T.I. said, it's stupid to send him back to jail. You do not rehabilitate non-violent criminals with jail.
  • 18:06:44: I still can't feel sorry for Krome Studios closing. As much as it sucks, they just didn't make very many good games. That's the key.
  • 18:07:39: Hey Squeenix! This is how you engender goodwill from your fanbase! Pay attention! http://bit.ly/905xou
  • 18:09:12: Oh, come the fuck on. Was someone SERIOUSLY offended by Mr. Driller because of the Chilean miners? http://bit.ly/b3ywsx
  • 18:09:55: The one thing the Krome closing does is make people more wary towards supporting perpetual things like Microsoft Arcade Room, which is DOA.
  • 18:13:28: It's October 15th. Do you know where your 1500XP glitch patch is? ...Does @EASPORTSNHL? Bueller?
  • 18:19:40: Dave Pearson of @operationsports sums up why I wish I could rereview NHL '11 and slap it even harder than I did. http://bit.ly/91AaWD
  • 19:29:24: This just in: Destructoid's Jordan Devore can't play basketball. http://bit.ly/9Y6nqN
  • 19:37:23: Oh! CC got the arm! I thought his foot got in there at first, but good on Gerry Davis getting that call right.
  • 20:19:14: RT @motherpucker: What did Avery do? I'm not watching... (Oh, NOW WHAT...)
  • 20:23:04: A-Rod: 0-2 with 2Ks. Obviously, he's not a Real Yankee anymore.
  • 22:02:47: Congratulations, Liverpool FC. You have some good owners now. Purgatory is over.
  • 22:06:09: Are you fucking serious, Texas?
  • 22:11:41: Well, we know who's going to the World Series from the American League, at least.
  • 22:12:37: Can someone explain to me, with as hyper as he is with his 'pen, how Ron Washington had a lefty in against Marcus Thames!?
  • 22:20:36: Brett Gardner is like the 4'6" kid that makes a Little League All-Star Team.
  • 22:24:27: When did Kerry Wood turn into a gasoline can?
  • 22:26:59: You get a four pitch walk from a reliever that hasn't thrown a legit strike, and you get picked off!? Go to your room.

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