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From Twitter 10-17-2010

  • 03:22:21: Hey everyone! @ValleyIndy's gonna be a daddy soon! #ct #ctvalley
  • 15:01:58: OK. Eroge game makers. We need to talk. Having bad endings? Fine. If you screw up big time, you deserve to get a bad ending.
  • 15:02:31: But making those endings mandatory for 100% completion? NOT COOL. I shouldn't have to stomach what I did last night. #tokimekicheckin
  • 15:14:03: RT @TheRealBell: I don't understand all the whining about #newtwitter vs. #oldtwitter. Do that many of you really use the website?
  • 16:36:40: RT @BreakingNews: Cablevision, Fox fail to reach deal over rates; games blacked out in N.Y., Philadelphia (Fuck Cablevision. Seriously)
  • 17:48:45: Wait a minute. ESPN is really creating a women's brand? Seriously? They're trying to do this?
  • 17:49:29: I don't see how this is going to succeed. ESPN's programming is 75% male, and 74.99% chauvanists who won't watch women because they're women
  • 17:49:51: Correction: they'll watch women's sports if the woman is hot. But unless this is the Lauren Jackson Network, it's going to fail.
  • 17:51:00: Unfortunately, the vast majority of male viewers are Al Bundy-like pigs. These people are going to delight in trying to kill ESPNW.
  • 17:52:29: Might have to put off my DADT post and escape to SBNet for this one. Twitter is insufficient for my thoughts.
  • 21:02:46: The pissing contest between Fox and Cablevision proves one thing, again: the consumers always lose. They don't care about the consumers.
  • 21:03:43: But most customers can't even go somewhere else.Content monopolized those areas. Consumers have no rights in this regard. They are owned.
  • 23:25:50: Etrian Odyssey III: You Will Grind For Five Hours To Buy One Sword.
  • 23:36:57: Explain this shit, Tea Party assholes. http://www.adn.com/2010/10/17/1506223/miller-security-guards-handcuff.html

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