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From Twitter 10-18-2010

  • 00:15:37: I've put about 10 hours into this game now. Can I POSSIBLY beat my first FOE!?!?!?!? #etrianodysseyIII
  • 01:24:45: I BEAT AN F.O.E.! I BEAT AN F.O.E.!!! Oh my GOD, I finally beat one very minor boss! Just fucking shoot me!
  • 03:42:32: Happy Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System! Maybe the most important device in my entire life.
  • 06:19:02: I am literally ONE FOLLOWER away from 400. This is silly.
  • 06:23:26: RT @emuparadise: Cheap HDMI Cables are the same as expensive ones. They transmit 0s and 1s. Don't burn your cash on gold plated shit. ht ...
  • 06:49:32: Translating Jerry Jones: "I won't fire Wade Phillips midseason because I want this motherfucker to consider what he's done".
  • 06:50:13: Could someone explain to me how the press could be smarter than Jerry Fuckin' Jones about the state of his team? This isn't MENSA level shit
  • 06:54:12: Oof! RT @JasonTudor: @superbus The Cowboys playoff appearances have been as sparse as the #Raiders. Bill Cowher will be great there in 2011.
  • 16:27:21: Farmville is "accidentally" providing user information to 3rd party firms? Accidentally, my dick. http://bit.ly/bNBA9o
  • 16:28:05: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Time to get Daryl Reaugh on Twitter. The goalie contingency needs him on here!!
  • 17:15:42: Do you like FIFA? Do you like to goalkeep? Do you like online play? Don't combine them. Just trust me. Don't. Combine. Them.
  • 17:16:15: On the positive side! They added the ability for team captains to boot players! That's a positive and negative, lemme tell 'ya.
  • 17:18:03: I think FIFA's ready for a review, on the other hand. Don't panic, it's good.
  • 17:35:34: OK, Libs/Conservatives. See this post by @dmataconis? It's required reading. Go. There's a quiz in the morning. http://bit.ly/aMuoDV
  • 17:51:52: I can't take anyone seriously who uses the term "STFU" In what is supposed to be a legitimate article. Looking at you, Melissa Clouthier.
  • 18:01:44: "BEND OVER PRIVATE! I'LL ASS-FUCK YOU FULL OF MOTIVATION!" Oh, @jlist... ESL guides in Japan. http://bit.ly/cakNP6
  • 18:50:35: One cool thing about Be a Goalkeeper: you can write while the game plays. Actually, that kinda sucks if you want action.
  • 18:55:40: THink whatever you want about @McCainBloggete, but all these sexist remarks about her breasts are insulting to every right minded person.
  • 18:59:46: Yes, bloggers on BOTH sides. @McCainBloggete has breasts (and nice ones, if I say so myself). That doesn't make her opinions moot.
  • 19:53:45: You know what is an underrated DS game that is still a blast? Duck Amuck. Hillarious, and it's about $10 nowadays.
  • 21:08:26: OK, FIFA. Protip: Wait until AFTER my review is done before you crash and bug out on me.
  • 21:08:42: I'm really getting tired of these games that are buggy and don't fucking work.
  • 21:13:36: The hitting of 30 by @BigSamTweets reminds me that I'm only a couple months away from welcoming @twelveicings to the old timer's club. <3
  • 22:55:35: YES! Every journalist in America just cheered RT @nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: Tribune Board Said Ready to Oust Chief Executive (Randy Michaels)

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