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From Twitter 10-19-2010

  • 13:42:42: This bit of news likely made @DHGFAileen have such a forceful orgasm that it put me to shame. http://bit.ly/9aICKA
  • 13:50:33: Hey Yankee fans! Imagine how bad this series would be if Ron Washington knew how to use a bullpen!
  • 13:51:49: Wait a minute. They've actually made a site that takes the fanservice from shitty anime and posts it? What the hell? http://bit.ly/aTOq2C
  • 14:05:12: It should be noted that Nintendo decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the NES... by releasing Mystic Quest on the VC!?
  • 14:24:33: I favorited a YouTube video -- Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc http://youtu.be/plvpV9p0ywg?a
  • 14:43:07: I have two sports games to review. Strangely, I don't wanna. I just wanna sit around and play JRPGs all day. #thirdworldproblems
  • 14:44:20: They say the best humour has truth to it. Sadly, I can see Activision reading this and rubbing their grubby paws. http://bit.ly/dgTKfs
  • 14:50:05: Bad Joe Miller! Bad! *rolled up newspaper* BAD!!! This is an affont to journalism AND the military. http://bit.ly/c5Vz5H
  • 14:51:14: Sorry, meant to use the tag #firstworldproblems in that games tweet.
  • 16:12:05: Sharron Angle thinks "Asian" is an insult. I think "Asian" is fucking hot. #marryingachinesechick #ricist #yellowfever
  • 16:19:37: It's awesome that I have about 8-10 hours in on Etrian Odyssey III, and yet I don't have a clue about the game's finer points. #jesuschrist
  • 16:59:03: RT @emzanotti: The Rent Is Too Damned High party's website is EXACTLY as you'd expect it to be: http://jimmymcmillan.org/
  • 17:44:27: Awesome! Now I can use a browser to make my useless, stupid avatar on XBLA look more stupid and more useless! http://bit.ly/cVtbuG
  • 17:46:32: RT @jdeloma: Christine O’Donnell questions First Amendment, separation of church and state http://politi.co/8XxY84 (The Tea Party, everyone!
  • 17:52:50: What scares me the most about Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell is that NEITHER of them know the first thing about the Constitution.
  • 18:05:17: I hate contests, but even I might have to enter this one. http://bit.ly/cNSTqL
  • 18:51:04: Young pitcher, on the road, in Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees are behind. Unless this kid is Jaret Wright reincarnated, Yankees will romp.
  • 18:53:59: Dissing your ex girlfriend on C-SPAN? While she's on the SAME PANEL? Not great for future dates, but that's gangsta. http://bit.ly/ac6EMc
  • 19:06:00: I wonder if Blizzard would have sued those guys that made the Starcraft II cheats if they didn't sell them like assholes. Just saying.
  • 19:27:23: I think I've figured out AJ Burnett: He's the right handed version of Oliver Perez.
  • 19:35:00: If this isn't Fan Interference, then someone seriously fucked up.
  • 19:35:55: Someone SERIOUSLY fucked up! This isn't reviewable!? #jefferymaier
  • 19:37:01: I love the fact that the guy that interfered with Cruz is some Guido brofag. What a douchebag.
  • 19:49:56: I stand corrected; the fan interference rule is for balls that aren't over the fence. That ball was over. The fan's a dick, though.
  • 19:50:33: I have to thank the incomparable @JPosnanski for correcting me on that one. Though I think the rule has to be tweaked in this case.
  • 19:52:11: AJ Burnett is covered in gasoline. Who's the match?
  • 21:33:22: Oh boy, looks like Mount Burnett just erupted.
  • 21:51:26: Well, can't blame THAT one on AJ Burnett, though I'm sure most Yankee fans will think of something.
  • 21:55:55: You know what? We haven't heard a lot of discussion on whether Joba can start or not. I kinda miss that.
  • 22:03:45: Hey, I wonder how the Vancouver game's going... oh! It's 6-1, and Rick Rypien attacked a fan! I'll write this off as "bad day".

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Oct. 20th, 2010 03:11 pm (UTC)
o btw I noticed something the last few times I've played: THE BALL HITS THE POST SO FUCKING MUCH jASFGanadu***!&*!#*@

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