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From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 13:34:15: I'm at Port Coffee House (2889 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock). http://4sq.com/dsMysN
  • 15:27:16: Happy birthday to @Chupacaubrey, the hardest working and most personable PR worker I've met in five years in the games industry.
  • 15:32:45: I disagree with Barry Melrose. It's not the building's fault as to why Rick Rypien went after the fan. It's Rypien's. He needs 5 games, min.
  • 15:43:53: People don't realize they have more than two choices in elections. Therefore, that's all they get: two choices. They get what they deserve.
  • 17:26:22: Ah, FUCK. RT @JVB: EA purchased Chillingo? Damn, I need to catch up on my news.
  • 17:28:19: You know what? In hindsight, having a chicken soup, then having a hot chocolate was probably not my best idea. #bringtheds
  • 17:36:13: I love how Gamestop is asking us to buy a game that advertises them. Oh, you coy bastards.
  • 17:39:45: Oh joy. LJ's doing more userheads and more "free" v-gifts. I ask again: where's the fucking search engine?
  • 17:58:02: RT @warbiany: @superbus Yeah, but the problem with democracy is that *I* also get what *they* deserve. #tlot
  • 19:28:54: Hey! Pro Evolution came in today! For... both... systems. Uh oh, guess I'm sending something to Kiwiland.
  • 19:57:03: So Don't Ask, Don't Tell is back, and anyone who came out has to be kicked now. Why fucking bother?
  • 19:57:49: DADT won't fall until the SCOTUS kills it, since Congress is full of two faced liars like John McCain.
  • 19:59:16: Your TMI Tweet of the Day: Guys, ever sit down, and end up squishing a testacle between your legs? Yep, I rule. #makethepainstop
  • 20:44:37: I guess Bob Guccione's death reminds me of one thing: God damn, was Caligula fucked up.
  • 21:06:36: Hear that high pitched, gutteral squeal coming from southern NY state? That's just @shizuoya having a massive orgasm. http://bit.ly/96BuT7
  • 21:11:02: Hear that high pitched, gutteral scream coming from British Columbia? That's just @twelveicings having a coronary. http://bit.ly/cExoEk
  • 21:14:01: I would like to thank @jlist for taking the images out of his RSS feed, so that I don't get dinged if I'm on a public network. Thanks, Pete!
  • 21:49:58: Sorry, NFL. But with morons like this, you're going to have to start suspending guys. Without pay. http://es.pn/adCmi3

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