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From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 04:07:11: When did Beelzebub become Wayne Rooney's agent?
  • 08:13:49: RT @MelissaTweets: Obama’s ‘Hispanic Education Excellence’ Executive Order is four times warmed-over tripe http://bit.ly/aJ3t4X
  • 09:36:43: Joe Miller had me sold until his goons cuffed a journalist. I cannot support anyone who disregards freedom of the press like that.
  • 09:38:29: Yes, we need fiscal conservatism. But I won't support it if it means we get totalitarianism and the religious right in the package as well.
  • 12:32:43: RT @jperlow: High School Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad for Refusal to Cheer for Her Rapist http://bit.ly/dxlUS8 Disgusting, if true.
  • 12:34:07: RT @DanRyckert: If you're a gaming journalist and you bitch about your job on Twitter, every person that works a normal job should kick ...
  • 13:49:38: RT @DHGFMadson: By this logic, perhaps we should stick Kratos in some lipstick and a miniskirt for the next God of War: http://bit.ly/c1C3z6
  • 13:51:03: So Juan Williams got fired for... what, not ignoring the big, gigantic elephant in the room? Muslims on planes intimidate people post 9/11.
  • 13:52:04: I believe in and fight for racial equality. But as an example, if I am in a black neighbourhood at night, you bet your ass my ears perk up.
  • 13:52:37: It's not even being in a "black" neighbourhood. It's being in an urban neighbourhood, who happen to be predominantly black. Furthermore...
  • 13:53:43: blacks - and hispanics - are a major portion of the population at jails. It's not right. It's not just. But it still has to be considered.
  • 13:54:58: I guess having said the preceeding, I will never be allowed to work for NPR. That's fine. If they fire people for that, I wouldn't want to.
  • 14:12:07: Connecticut: Home of the Bomb Threats.
  • 14:29:47: How many times is David Stern going to try to cover for his owners' stupidity? http://es.pn/b9evab
  • 14:30:37: Here's a deal: if your team signed an exceptionally stupid contract, you don't get any rollback in salaries. Sorry, Atlanta, NY Knicks, etc.
  • 15:35:36: Awesome piece by @DanRyckert about some of the B-list NES games that time kinda forgot. Dude rocks Kickle Cubicle! http://bit.ly/9zwxab
  • 16:00:16: RT @ValleyIndy: Baby (jack driscoll) was born sunday! (Congrats, Gene! - Bus)
  • 18:18:27: Yet another must-read commentary from @dmataconis. This time, about the potential foreign policy of the "Tea Party". http://bit.ly/csS3CE
  • 19:31:49: Oh God, @SpeakerPelosi is on Twitter. Imagine that. The face of America's demise, right here on Twitter!
  • 19:34:25: Watching Tim Thomas play like this is giving me a goalie boner.

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