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From Twitter 10-22-2010

  • 10:01:36: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Shame Nomination: Postal 2: Every week, we will present a new game to be nominated for the... http://bit.ly/9hKmIl
  • 10:52:25: You know what's fun? Passing out and sleeping for twelve hours, while in the middle of working.
  • 10:52:45: You know what else is fun? Waking up and realizing that HOLY SHIT YOUR HOUSE IS COLD.
  • 11:28:03: RT @JVB: I forgot that the Sega Master System turned 25 yesterday. I remember getting it for Christmas. (Long live Phantasy Star! - Bus)
  • 13:33:54: Watching a Subway Series special on MLB Network. I missed this series because of a deployment, but I never realized how bad the Mets played.
  • 13:35:39: RT @dmataconis: President Obama to gay teens: It gets better. Unless you want to marry the person you love, or serve in my military.
  • 13:37:41: These commercials for companies like mycleanpc.com are infuriating. I want to see people thinking about using it, and grab them to save them
  • 14:42:54: RT @PostGameReport: RT @patrickklepek: Sorry to hear about folks at UGO losing their jobs. It's a rough time for games writers.
  • 14:49:17: "Hey buddy, those two Midget games you had in Watertown? Well, one's cancelled, you're getting dressed for one, fag! LOL!"
  • 16:03:43: Keith Olbermann just had to teach everyone the 1st Amendment. Hang your heads in shame.
  • 16:09:14: RT @BreakingNews: Tribune CEO resigns amid accusations of crass behavior - chicagotribune.com http://bit.ly/db16qM
  • 20:27:51: Nice, small place! (@ Ro's Pizza) http://4sq.com/dC8Nos
  • 20:46:24: RT @dmataconis: Baseball is a game of judgment calls. Umpires are not computers, and I would rather have the occasional bad call than in ...
  • 20:49:07: RT @BigWestMD: RT @Ghizal_Hasan: RT @MikeVacc: Rangers were helped by a ball that hit Swisher and wasn't called in Game 4. Incompetence ...
  • 20:55:09: RT @sportsguy33: Been really impressed by Phil Hughes tonight. Great stuff, great poise. There's just no way in hell that Texas is getti ...
  • 21:07:58: The tears of Yankee fans at a bar? *priceless*
  • 21:45:08: Either Colby Lewis is dealing, or Ron Washington want his bullpen nowhere near this game.
  • 21:47:56: Yankee fans: in 2009, did you ever think you would say "thank god Brett Gardner is up"?
  • 22:10:32: Now that is the A-Rod we know and love! #trueyankee
  • 23:09:38: RT @jlist: iTunes, any time you want to stop re-installing apps I've specifically deleted or removed when I sync my iPhone, I'll thank you.
  • 23:21:32: This is one of those days where I don't even care about catching up on games news. Wake me if something important happens.
  • 23:21:45: I don't have to worry about that shit until Sunday night anyway.
  • 23:44:46: Do CT high school football fans not realize that they are living and dying on the backs of teenage boys? #ctfb #calmthehelldown

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