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From Twitter 10-23-2010

  • 02:02:56: Hey! @easportsnhl! Your last tuner set put in a nice little goaltender bug! All shots from the tops of the circles go in now? What the fuck?
  • 11:59:30: You know what's fun? Finding out that a local, small newspaper has a paywall on their site. No soup for you, guys!
  • 12:09:23: RT @tech_gaming: Sign o' the Apocalypse? a $49.99 extension cable for the Kinect? (It's a crappy USB cord designed to fool the casuals) ...
  • 12:38:50: FYI: I'm doing news differently now, starting Monday. It'll be at DHGF, which links to here via Twitterfeed. Expect more auto-tweets.
  • 14:08:05: The new tuner set for NHL '11 is a travesty. It's like I'm playing NHL '09 again. That's not a compliment.
  • 20:05:53: Wrestling fans... RT @RealNicoNieves @stephensonmc shut up already. as soon as the game comes out no body is going to need you anymore.
  • 20:54:03: I'm at Asian Bistro (702 Bridgeport Ave # 201, Shelton). http://4sq.com/bqspGJ
  • 21:08:00: To whoever shut off the baseball game in favour of "Til' Debt Do Us Part": die in a fire.
  • 21:09:58: I don't like the Kings, but I do like their charity of choice, so... #gokings
  • 21:57:15: OK, so the Giants have the lead, it's time to go to Brian Wi--Tim Lincecum!? #goingforthekill #howaboutgameoneguys
  • 22:01:17: Time will tell, but I'm NOT a fan of going to Lincecum. He's not a reliever, now he's in a save situation? This isn't a video game.
  • 22:01:59: OK, what the FUCK did I do to strain my left forearm? How could I have strained it?
  • 22:07:53: Well, that was quick. #sfgiants
  • 22:08:34: Now, they HAVE to bring in Brian Wilson for a high-stress, five-out save situation.
  • 22:13:22: We could have had Phillies vs. Yankees. We're likely getting Giants vs. Rangers. Someone better put FOX executives on suicide watch.
  • 22:23:47: Can we pass a law preventing NAPA from ever running those commercials again?
  • 22:38:34: I admit. I want the Phillies to win. I want to see Halladay, Oswalt and these stars in the World Series.
  • 22:39:08: And as I say that, the umpire calls a low strike after waiting a bead. I want another look at that, that was low.
  • 22:40:01: Shit. He was right. it hit the knees.
  • 22:46:10: Did I just hear "Rocky Horror Glee Show"!? NO! NO! JUST NO! Can't a SWAT team prevent this from happening!?
  • 23:07:10: Go Randy Pitchford! http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=271303
  • 23:09:38: Interesting - and very honest - interview by @steophensonmc at Kotaku. One that I actually - gasp - disagree with. http://bit.ly/9CuFHN
  • 23:10:26: I disagree because I do think there should be some way to incorporate kayfabe in the biggest wrestling game on the market.
  • 23:10:52: Not exactly like TEW, but more like Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA), where winning wasn't really the focus. THAT is wrestling.
  • 23:12:18: Remember, everyone shitting on Taylor Hall: Steve Stamkos didn't score that well his first year, either.
  • 23:12:54: And really, if I'm Edmonton, Hall is hte least of your problems. He doesn't play defence.
  • 23:20:54: I just heard that West Haven Youth Hockey coach Joe Simoes passed away. That's brutal. The best die young. God damnit.

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