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From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 00:29:25: RT @JimSterling: I think at some point we've all thought of fucking the Progressive Insurance woman. But only if she keeps the uniform on.
  • 02:20:54: Anytime Japanese people bitch Americans out for eating too much, point them to #14, and tell them "shame on you". http://bzfd.it/bfFLoo
  • 03:00:01: Kazoku Keikaku is literally laugh-out-loud funny at points. This is the only eroge game I'd recommend the PSP (clean) version of.
  • 03:46:08: It's funny that I love Albert Odyssey undyingly (Saturn), yet never got into Golden Sun much. In reality, they're both pretty cookie-cutter.
  • 13:43:45: You know what's a great thing to have before two hockey games in God-Knows-Where? A migraine. It makes it fun! Like fucking on a rainbow!
  • 14:51:55: This article reminds me of the old arcade we had on the USS George Washington. Strikers 1945 and Metal Slug X, baby! http://bit.ly/dkaExl
  • 16:00:54: I always feel inferior at these prep schools... (@ Canterbury School) http://4sq.com/dnIHLt
  • 19:49:31: RT @dmataconis: To answer a question someone asked yesterday, I will be watching the World Series even though my team didn't make it. #B ...
  • 21:54:40: I hearby dub October 24, 2010 as National Ice Hockey Interference Day. #itsnotbasketball #stopsettingpicks #theypaymeforthis
  • 21:56:24: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: Favre always comes up gimpy after he throws an interception and runs around like a kid on TDs--closeted soccer player
  • 22:41:47: Just watched Flames/Sharks highlights. WOW! I didn't know Iginla still had that 5th gear!
  • 22:46:55: Maybe @TheGoalieGuild can explain to me why Edmonton, with no prayer of playoffs and two kids, continues to play Khabibulin until he drops.
  • 22:51:26: Great work in creating Pirate Verbatim. It's a site that gives artists' opinions on file sharing. http://bit.ly/9n1V4N
  • 23:35:38: RT @emuparadise: Retro Game of the Day the awesome Legend of Zelda A Link to the past (SNES) http://bit.ly/abeTYe If you're a Zelda fan, ...

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