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From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 00:39:20: RT @twelveicings: Shit. I forget how good Chrono Cross really was.... (THANK YOU! Of course, Liz gets it. That's why Liz rules. <3)
  • 00:43:11: Watching highlights of Redskins vs. Bears. This was NFL Football? These guys know the lockout is NEXT year, right?
  • 06:33:13: Kazoku Keikaku, beaten. Wow. What a game. An eroge game that absolutely does not need eroge. Just a great game all around.
  • 06:59:12: RT @dmataconis: Tea Party Express endorsing Tancredo tells me all I need to know about Tea Party Express #Fail
  • 15:48:40: "Hey, alright! I got a Bantam A game, they're a fun team..." *checks schedule* "... with a complete fucking retard!"
  • 15:55:04: This weekend is going to be *fun*. Friday, I get a diva. Saturday, I work with an old guy and a dumb kid, Sunday I drive all over the place.
  • 15:57:59: At least Sunday, I get to work with some decent partners.
  • 16:35:46: So all of a sudden, Brett Favre's ankle is fractured? Call me sceptical. Sounds like he's got a broken heart instead.
  • 16:40:00: These news posts take a lot longer now that I have to format and image them myself. This actually kinda sucks.
  • 17:54:05: News: Zynga Files Patent Request For In-Game Currency: According to Venturebeat, Zynga, the company behind Farmvil... http://bit.ly/bKflrZ
  • 18:32:15: It feels good to be back into full time news reporting. I actually prefer that to reviewing games and the like.
  • 18:34:19: This is a bad day to start having problems with Twitterfeed, though.
  • 18:54:08: Playing Kazoku Keikaku makes me wish @jlist would translate more games like this, and less games like Pick Me Honey and Horny Bunnies.
  • 18:58:11: News: Apple Rumoured To Buy Sony, Electronic Arts By Naff Tossers: I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Last week, ... http://bit.ly/a30CQE
  • 19:28:29: News: Analyst Says Activision Should Reacquire Rock Band IP: Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creatz, in looking at ... http://bit.ly/cQAVcJ
  • 19:43:53: To the people on my feed that follow my games writing: what do you think of the news? I know it won't hit yet, but format and info wise.
  • 19:59:04: News: PSPgo Prices Slashed Worldwide: Sony has announced that they are reducing the price of the PSPgo worldwide. ... http://bit.ly/aXMRFQ
  • 20:36:22: RT @gamingangel: We're going to be scheduling an interview with Meghan McCain for @Gamingangels!
  • 21:00:00: News: California State Senator Leland Yee Defends Games Bill: The Supreme Court of the United States is about to h... http://bit.ly/dpmPUS
  • 21:05:03: Jon Kitna is stil in the NFL!?
  • 21:27:33: Broken shoulder for Tony Romo? Ugh... you never wish for that. Anyone celebrating that injury is a piece of shit, no matter who you root for
  • 21:29:33: *checks site stats* What the hell? News pieces are actually hitting!?
  • 21:33:42: News: Xbox Live Gold Deals of the Week for 10/25: http://bit.ly/cVqoU0
  • 21:33:42: News: Playstation Store Scheduled For Downtime On Oct. 28: Sony has confirmed to CVG that the Playstation Store wi... http://bit.ly/aBiM4p
  • 21:36:05: Our top referrer of the day is Running With Scissors, to our HOS article on Postal 2. This is actually pretty funny.
  • 22:04:55: News: Hot Pursuit Demo Drops On PS3, Xbox Live Tomorrow: According to a press release put out by Electronic Arts, ... http://bit.ly/bWbCTl
  • 22:30:17: Even when I do right, I do wrong. I give up. This just proves I have to do things on my own.
  • 22:33:13: News: Phil Spencer Denies Mandate For Kinect Titles: Responding to rumours that the company had put forth a mandat... http://bit.ly/dkcSQT
  • 23:49:51: Everyone who participated in this nonsense should hang their heads in shame. http://bit.ly/cwhhAb

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Oct. 26th, 2010 06:41 pm (UTC)
Well if you want something to be true, you can find the evidence XD
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