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From Twitter 10-26-2010

  • 00:38:31: RT @twelveicings: It...compiled? OMGNOWAI. (Ladies and gentlemen, Java programming! XD)
  • 02:20:26: Why am I not surprised that Fable 3's getting decked in reviews?
  • 11:33:38: RT @DanRyckert: How many of these annoying gaming moments have happened to you? http://bit.ly/9dOFs8 (Esp. hate Mortal Kombat AI!)
  • 11:48:16: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: I know a lot of folks think Suns are done. Let the record show I am not one of those folks.
  • 11:52:52: I love these cats who follow me lately. "Followers: 1,600. Tweets: 13". They must be very interesting tweets.
  • 13:22:06: News: MySpace Apps Sending User Data: The Wall Street Journal reports that applications inside social networking w... http://bit.ly/cs61IW
  • 13:27:09: I no longer have a beard, and went back to a Navy-style buzz cut. Maybe I should get a new profile picture...
  • 14:08:39: You know, I'm getting really sick of hearing about - and especially from - Tim Lincecum's dad.
  • 14:12:00: RT @TheGoalieGuild: @tsnbobmckenzie Would love to hear your thoughts on why the Oilers carry three goalies yet Khabibulin has played eve ...
  • 14:30:14: Hmmm, a new writer, let's see him score something too hi-- HOLY SHIT, this guy is brutal! He'll fit in well at DHGF! http://bit.ly/aNplMh
  • 14:53:25: Preorders Being Taken on Back To The Future Adventure Game: Telltale games has announced that they are taking preo... http://bit.ly/b6jqxA
  • 14:53:26: News: Zynga Valuation Placed (Wrongly) Above Electronic Arts: According to Industry Gamers, SharesPost has put soc... http://bit.ly/boauAF
  • 14:57:02: How am I the only person reporting on this "Zynga is worth more than EA!" nonsense who isn't calling this out as complete bullshit? HOW!?
  • 15:00:28: I would take @GameJournos much more seriously if he didn't go about calling his peers "incompetent fuckwits". As it is, he's just a troll.
  • 15:20:14: Vince McMahon is in the right on this one. Who would have thought a WWE logo would be "political speech"? http://bit.ly/9RWSRB
  • 15:24:29: I linked this in an earlier article, but this WSJ article about advertising whores RapLeaf is a MUST READ. http://bit.ly/abzPux
  • 15:54:45: The Last Guardian Protagonist’s Gender Changed Due To Panties: CVG reports via PSM3 that The Last Guardian was act... http://bit.ly/bNiLNF
  • 16:14:50: No one save my EIC has feedback for how my new news posts are doing, so I guess I'm doing OK?
  • 16:15:34: RT @SFX360_COM: Check Out Our Review For DJ Hero 2 http://bit.ly/9tXZJk
  • 16:25:22: Michael Pachter: Apple Should Stick To What They Know: Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has responded to... http://bit.ly/9tfgY2
  • 16:56:32: Sony Stock Boosted By Idiotic Apple Rumours: Remember that load of bollocks I reported on yesterday about Apple be... http://bit.ly/9GwcOj
  • 17:36:06: Made it 2.75m today. ALMOST to 3.
  • 19:30:06: Call of Duty: Black Ops Won’t Outperform Modern Warfare 2, Says Pachter: Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter ha... http://bit.ly/aFXuGV
  • 19:41:01: To everyone saying that the Heat are finished: it's one game out of 82. Calm down, people. #nba
  • 19:43:46: Add a new Tron movie to the "DO NOT FUCKING WANT" category. I hate Hollywood.
  • 19:47:05: RT @OldHossRadbourn: 30 points in one quarter! Hoss knows little of this "basket ball," but this Heat team...wait. What? In the half? Th ...
  • 20:26:55: This is insane. Something I posted 90 minutes ago is blowing up. From now on, every article I write will have Call of Duty in the title.
  • 21:03:50: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Announced: Ubisoft has announced the next adventure game in their CSI franchise. CSI: Fatal ... http://bit.ly/9w5uSC
  • 21:04:52: Well, shit on my sandals. Tomb Raider has *FINALLY* graced the Playstation... you know, only the console that made the name famous.
  • 21:55:31: OK, enough of this Japanese music. Time to rock out with some shit from before Phil Collins became a pussy. #genesis #mama
  • 22:03:44: God of War Dev: It “Doesn’t Make Sense” To Develop For Piracy-Ridden PSP: PSP releases don’t get much bigger than ... http://bit.ly/9i4gEH
  • 22:05:05: RT @DHGFAileen: Here's my crack at this news thing @superbus is doing: http://bit.ly/bM5ti7 (She done did good! Check her work out - Bus)
  • 22:06:14: If I see one more automatically playing advertisement for laundry detergent on DHGF...

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