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From Twitter 10-27-2010

  • 15:22:31: RT @JoeGandelman: @dmataconis O'Donnell is not only not ready for Prime Time, she's not ready for test pattern hours.
  • 15:23:21: You know who's name I don't hear much about nowadays? Alvin Greene.
  • 15:30:45: I just realized that at the same time last night, my two best friends in life and I were breaking game news. I love life, and my friends. <3
  • 16:15:02: I favorited a YouTube video -- Rush The Analog Kid http://youtu.be/KyzBxp_Dto4?a
  • 16:17:49: Good on @JimSterling for pointing out why we're only seeing casual shit on the DS. Hint: it's not focus grouping. http://bit.ly/d0mLTf
  • 16:19:34: .@JimSterling's post goes back to what I said yesterday about PSP/DS piracy costing all of us. http://bit.ly/aJxboW
  • 16:26:28: More news will be coming tonight. Right now, I'm finishing up a review, then grocery shopping. So anyone reading for news, hang tight!
  • 16:41:20: Good article by @DaleNorth, but I do have one answer to a tough question: GIVE US BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. http://bit.ly/duqsFQ
  • 16:42:55: What frustrates me about this industry, without trying to sound like @GameJournos, is that most "journalists" aren't doing their jobs.
  • 16:43:30: Everyone either repeats things verbatim, or copies something without reading into it. Everyone's a wind tunnel. It's depressing.
  • 16:44:55: There's like ten people in the industry really trying to dig deep and be honest to their readers. I'd say 8 of those write for DToid or DHGF
  • 16:47:25: Is it marketing? Corporate? Laziness? How is a rookie like me doing their job better than these college educated guys?
  • 16:48:43: Until we show some balls and do our jobs as a whole, these companies will continue to treat us like subsidiaries, which we really are.
  • 16:56:20: RT @georgeb3dr: EA Canada lays off 100+. Rumors swirl about global EA layoff in double digit range. (SHIT. This is Very Bad News)
  • 19:10:46: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Winnipeg police arrest former junior hockey coach Graham James at Toronto airport on sex charges. (Burn in hell, Graham)
  • 19:17:17: "Yeah, those hundreds of layoffs at EA Canada, and thousands worldwide? It's seasonal! We always let our guys go right before Christmas!"
  • 19:17:42: "It's festive to have our people putting in 100 hour weeks to make release, just to send them on their way right before the holiday!
  • 19:18:03: Anyone who likes Angry!Bus, give me about an hour. I'm going to rip the shit out of EA on this one.
  • 20:25:40: Has any other sports fan realized we could have TWO sports locked out next year? #thisisyourchancenhl #dontblowit #youwillblowitanyway
  • 20:56:45: What happens when factual reporting, solid analysis and righteous anger collide? This. http://bit.ly/9XtdfR
  • 21:04:19: You know what makes me want to purchase car insurance? A British gecko swinging a baseball bat. Yeah, that works.
  • 21:04:29: Electronic Arts Conducts “Seasonal Roll-Offs” On Canadian Employees: There are times when reporting the news makes... http://bit.ly/9hXyV1
  • 21:09:06: I just realized that with the exception of grocery shopping, I've been working consistently since 6AM. And I have more to do.
  • 21:41:02: How is it that Tony Bennett is more hip in 2010 than he was in the 60s and 70s?
  • 21:46:24: It's fun clicking our referrers and seeing what others say about us. This just in: the folks at Running with Scissors don't like me.
  • 21:46:57: Though I admit that the guy commenting as "Gary Coleman's Ghost" on our site today cracked me up.
  • 21:54:36: Why, oh WHY are goaltenders still poke-checking in 2010!? RT @TheGoalieGuild: FAILED POKE CHECK by Bernier.
  • 22:35:18: Playstation Phone Shown By Engadget, Denied By Sony, Defended By Engadget: Yesterday, technology site Engadget sho... http://bit.ly/bWsWnn
  • 22:36:01: Yes, this is what I want to see, NBA. I want to see you stop play to constantly T-up competitive athletes for the smallest dissent. #stupid
  • 22:46:33: Yeah, I know it's 80s rock. Yes, Steve Perry is annoying. But Journey's Escape album is one of the all time greats.
  • 22:49:19: Brandon Roy has hit the same exact shot to close out two straight quarters. Eventually, the Clippers will lea-- wait, no. It's the Clippers.
  • 22:52:38: Sex and the City 2: We're Old! And We Still Fuck!
  • 22:53:06: Dear @SyFy: You will redeem yourselves immediately if you start rebroadcasting old Dark Shadows and Quantum Leap episodes again.
  • 22:54:44: NINE TURNOVERS for LeBron James!? Ouch.
  • 23:36:02: It's the little things that make me happy. Like how I don't have to spend my GamesPress credits on Southpeak assets. Yay @chupacaubrey!
  • 23:36:19: Sony Announces “PlayStation Rewards” Programme: Apparently taking a cue from cereal companies in the 1960s, Sony h... http://bit.ly/aAvOaa

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