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From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 00:07:07: Southpeak Looks To Fill “Untapped” Education Game Market With Tap and Teach Series: Southpeak Interactive, who are... http://bit.ly/b1Ecxa
  • 00:08:28: It feels really nice to actually have exclusive information! This is like a drug. MUST. BREAK. MORE STORIES. http://bit.ly/9Ss5hb
  • 06:31:24: I have to leave in a bit to meet my mother, but don't worry, I'm going to have fun with the PTC report when I leave. :)
  • 12:58:09: RT @ryanaraine: patch and restart your firefox immediately http://bit.ly/b9IesC
  • 13:08:24: The USA Today piece on the CA game law case is about what you expect from the mainstream: the ESRB was completely glossed over.
  • 18:12:00: RT @Slate: Dick Armey: Clinton and Gingrich used to bond over wine, cigars and stories of their respective infidelities http://slate.me/ ...
  • 18:14:06: Do I even want to KNOW what the fuck Gawker did today?
  • 18:14:56: RT @Chupacaubrey: How it should be. PR 101! RT @BenKuchera: When PR people play, and know about, the games they're repping, I'm happy.
  • 19:58:04: I have to write articles still. I needed a break. Now, I just remembered I have to edit too.
  • 20:30:29: Right now, I am reminded why I fucking hate editing.
  • 20:41:01: Just found out the Gawker/Christine O'Donnell flap. Remember: all Gawker sites are shit. They're like Daily Mail with a web presence.
  • 20:41:29: Don't forget, the Gawker network has Gizmodo, the company where an editor was recently arrested for buying a stolen iPhone. They're shit.
  • 21:30:07: I just KNOW that what I just said is going to blow up. I don't care. Shit is shit.
  • 21:37:35: Uh... Justin Bieber? You're Canadian. You're not a Rangers fan. Get off my TV, son. Don't you have homework to do?
  • 21:39:28: Justin Bieber is so reviled, even Joe Buck hates him.
  • 21:48:42: If Derek Holland was a struggling swimmer in the ocean, the home plate umpire threw him an anchor.
  • 22:00:30: Well, the baseball game's all but over. Let's see what's on NHL Centre Ice!
  • 22:01:38: Oooh! Calgary vs. Colorado! Can I root for a meteor?
  • 22:08:20: LOOK OUT, VICTORIA! MOUNT @twelveicings IS ABOUT TO BLOW!!!!!
  • 22:10:20: And what the hell is Karlsson doing!? #yeouch #flames #bringbackjamiemcclennan
  • 22:34:34: This Flames vs. Avalanche game is fucking bananas. I don't know what @TheGoalieGuild sees in Karlsson.
  • 22:58:51: There's no way I'm getting news out tonight. I'll work on it tomorrow.
  • 23:43:37: RT @BreakingNews: Halliburton acknowledges it skipped critical test on cement to seal BP oil well that blew out in Gulf (No punchline needed
  • 23:47:25: FINALLY able to dive into Pro Evolution '11. Please don't suck... please don't suck...

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