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From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 14:07:02: "I don't know who I'm voting for... OH MY GOD! THE PRESIDENT! I HAVE TO HIT (D) NOW!" Does this really happen? REALLY?
  • 14:24:02: RT @JonesOnTheNBA: Photo: Allen Iverson at his press conference about going to Turkey http://goo.gl/AM2p (Yeah, this will end poorly...)
  • 15:06:50: As a New York Mets fan, I'm just glad we have a grown-up in charge for once.
  • 15:09:11: I'ma drop some industry news like it's hot before I go to ref. Because I love regurgitating financial statements. <3
  • 15:11:30: Newsflash for men: saying "I had a hot woman who's running for senate in my bed, and I didn't screw her!" isn't a cause for celebration.
  • 15:14:29: Thanks to Oilersnation (thanks, @motherpucker), I'm reminded that Gare Joyce is the best hockey writer outside of McK. http://es.pn/cqbayK
  • 15:18:35: I really wish fewer people used PNGs as their image format of choice. They're huge, and don't convert to other filetypes well. :(
  • 15:23:00: My hamstring is sore, three hours before I have games. I need to stretch more, I guess. Good thing I have Pee Wees to warm up with.
  • 15:37:35: I constantly bitch about people using excerpts. So what do I do? Forget the excerpt on the Guitar Hero review. I suck.
  • 15:49:10: Sony PlayStation Division Hits $85m USD Q2 Profit: Sony’s Networked Products and Services division, which includes... http://bit.ly/bhD61q
  • 16:19:25: Microsoft’s Xbox Division Surges To $382m Q1 USD Profit: Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, which inc... http://bit.ly/cxYJ99
  • 16:37:52: I love it when people follow me, have almost 150 followers, follow 1,000 people, and 0 tweets. What are you trying to sell, lady?
  • 16:41:46: What I'll be covering later: Leland Yee disrespects the ESRB, Keiji Inafune leaves Capcom, Michael Pachter's still a moron, and more!
  • 16:42:34: So far, I've beaten three endings in Kazoku Keikaku. Mitsuri's ending is the best one, by far. Does that make me a lolicon? :(
  • 20:32:16: They know everything about me, and it's my third time here. I have my "personal" table. Wub. (@ Karaku) http://4sq.com/aSh4Kj
  • 21:40:16: It's depressing to see Karaku so empty on a Friday night. Where the fuck is Seymour eat-- oh, yeah. McDonalds, and 50 chintzy pizza joints.
  • 21:40:36: And then the Valley wonders why we get no good dining except in the corporate sector. You fuckers get what you deserve, sorry.
  • 22:25:22: RT @connpost: UConn defeats West Virginia 16-13 in overtime (I only RT'd this because I think @psymin1 is going to have a heart attack/Bus)
  • 23:08:19: RT @Steve_OS: NHL 11 Rosters Arrive Tuesday, November 2nd http://tinyurl.com/26repcf (What the hell took so long!? - Bus)

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Oct. 30th, 2010 01:56 pm (UTC)
I really wish fewer people used PNGs as their image format of choice. They're huge, and don't convert to other filetypes well. :(

What problems are you having trying to convert them, exactly? They shouldn't be any harder than any other format, in fact they should be easier, especially considering they're lossless. The only thing that should give you trouble is transparency (but then why would one want to convert a PNG with an alpha mask?).
Oct. 30th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
Transparency is the issue I'm having. In this article, the background for the image I used - an image that I do nothing with but mash down to 300px at the largest part, and slap online as a .jpg - was supposed to be white (I got it from Wikipedia). I wanted to keep the black background, but couldn't. I use Irfanview for file conversions. What should I do to change things? What the hell is an alpha mask?
Oct. 31st, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
While I type up my reply, here, have a free image:


It's even half the size (~12kb) of the one you're using now.
Oct. 31st, 2010 12:44 am (UTC)
An alpha mask (or, perhaps more correctly, an alpha channel) is the portion of image data that tells each pixel how opaque it's supposed to be. Remember, the alpha channel is your friend. The reason that your image background is going black is because, without the alpha mask to set them to be fully transparent, those pixels are being displayed, and they're black in color. (This isn't unusual, since upon being saved, the program basically sets completely transparent pixel to "whatever" since they're really unimportant--well, outside real-time 3d graphics, but that's another story for another day.)

The problem you're having isn't with the image format, it's with the program. IrfanView is a neat, lightweight program, but it tends to skimp in areas where it really needs just a little more beef. I've avoided it for years, since before I was even going to art school. Honestly, almost every other image program throws a white background behind everything before going out as a JPEG.

Seeing as I can't imagine you wanted to drop $$$ on Photoshop (or pirate it), I'd recommend you download The GIMP and use that for future PNG-to-JPEG conversions. I loathe the program, personally, but it's going to get the job done right, and it'll let you throw in whatever color background you want.
Oct. 31st, 2010 04:05 am (UTC)
I am pretty familiar with the GIMP from using it as my image editor in Linux. The main reason I use Irfanview is because it does what I usually need with virtually zero fuss (open image, Ctrl-R, 300, enter, Ctrl-S, done. If I need to cut or crop, it's easy. I very rarely do anything more than that), but for PNG files - which most video game assets usually are - I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the knowledge!
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