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From Twitter 10-31-2010

  • 07:38:19: Being a professional referee - one with pride - means being the best when your body has *nothing*. This is one of those days.
  • 16:14:45: I feel like I'm cheating on Port Coffeehouse. :( (@ Starbucks) http://4sq.com/9y4SpL
  • 16:25:54: 9-0? Seriously? The Jets couldn't score a single fucking point?
  • 16:28:08: In other news, after five games today, my body no longer works. My legs just told me "fuck you" in Morse Code, via muscle spasms.
  • 16:28:26: RT @dmataconis: Not surprisingly, the media isn't taking Jon Stewart's media criticism very well.
  • 16:30:37: To celebrate Halloween, I will NOT be doing a stupid giveaway to pad m follower stats and make my e-cock bigger. #ionlywantsincerereaders
  • 17:30:42: The first douchebag to tell me that Halloween is a bad thing because it's "Pagan" is going to receive a 3 Musketeers enema.
  • 17:32:50: Is this commercial really implying that Viagra will make me smart enough to realize "my temp gauge is high in my car, check the water"?
  • 17:39:27: Monday on DHGF is football day! At 7AM, Pro Evolution Soccer '11 by @burning_phoneix. At 9AM, my FIFA '11 review!
  • 17:53:31: I don't know what's worse: that Charlie Sheen made a porn star scared, or the fact that I recognized the porn star.
  • 17:57:02: Just a notice: if you hear of vicious murders against UPS jingle writers, I'm suspect #1. @dmataconis would be #2, probably.
  • 17:57:17: RT @ryanaraine: rex ryan, go to your room.
  • 18:02:53: MLB Network is talking about Jonathan Sanchez. Has anyone seen Jonathan Sanchez and Oliver Perez in the same room?
  • 20:17:58: By the way, I'm going to spoil my own PES review: @burning_phoneix, for the most part, echos my own thoughts. Pro Evolution is back.
  • 20:21:41: RT @SPBowley: So it worked: I scared you. RT @superbus: @SPBowley I keep thinking I subscribed to a bot while drunk.
  • 20:22:57: These images from the game My Wife: Your Very Own Bride (JP 360) are notable in their distinct lack of quality. It's laughable.
  • 20:38:57: RT @dmataconis: What's this about a Politico story about a GOP Stop Palin movement ? Where do I sign up ? :D
  • 20:47:01: You know what I noticed about this game? Look at the umpires? They're amazing at being in position, every time. #doitonce #youllunderstand
  • 20:48:52: By the way: a 21 year old rookie is shutting down the best offence in baseball. #itsover
  • 20:56:18: Skyline: A poor man's Independence Day?
  • 21:04:16: Dear State Farm: Anyone who would be talking about their savings from bringing lunch to work at a baseball game isn't actually going to them
  • 21:15:44: It is currently my relaxation time, and I am willingly playing Pro Evo, a game I'm reviewing. Note: I did not do this for FIFA.
  • 21:18:40: http://bit.ly/bYxdCz (maybe NWS) What IS that next to her left butt cheek? Her thigh/knee? A deformed foot? Talk about anatomy fail.
  • 21:19:22: http://bit.ly/bgLjrU - I hearby dub this "Assboob". I've not seen cleavage that reminds me of a butt before.
  • 21:20:16: http://bit.ly/cmjPjG - Is it soap suds? Is it possibly something much more deviant? Who knows? I don't think the artist did, either.
  • 21:20:55: Those preceeding three ecchi scenes I've linked are from a commercially available, 360 dating sim in Japan. Bad Japan! No tentacle porn!
  • 22:13:55: RT @ctcapitolreport: OBAMA hecklers were Yale students... http://bit.ly/2PMNv0 (Who gives a shit? So everyone who dissents is fair game now?
  • 22:17:39: Still getting used to passing in PES '11. However, it's not a "this sucks" type of thing. It's beautiful, just need to adjust.
  • 22:19:22: This performance by Bumgarner is a good news/bad news type of thing. Great game, but it likely means Jonathan "Perez" Sanchez in game 7.
  • 22:19:59: Before, they were talking about Bumgarner as going on short rest for G7. That's not happening now unless Bochy's a moron. #dontruleitout
  • 22:32:27: http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/10/28/suikoden_anniversary_soundtrack/ *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap* #fap
  • 22:38:34: Dear Bud Selig: The playoffs will end - earliest - on November 1st. Are you stupid? Wait, don't answer that... http://es.pn/cH4uN1
  • 23:00:04: Watching some women's volleyball on ESPN3. New Mexico State vs. Hawaii. I have to admit... it's fascinating. A joy to watch.
  • 23:20:31: RT @TheDailyZack: And so ends Halloween, a Pagan holiday where candy is doled out freely between neighbors. Or as Glenn Beck would call ...

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