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From Twitter 11-01-2010

  • 00:01:22: Everyone wants me to see The Walking Dead. Sorry guys, I couldn't be less interested if it had Patton Oswalt fucking Ernest Borgnine.
  • 08:08:03: Review: FIFA ’11 (Microsoft Xbox 360): FIFA '11 is out with new tweaks and innovations, but are they all for the b... http://bit.ly/dskKd9
  • 14:30:06: Dear Microsoft: I know how to use the "NEW!" dashboard. Don't treat me like these idiots you're bringing in with Kinect. Fuck you.
  • 14:34:08: Um... Microsoft? Where the hell did, like, your entire Dashboard go? Or is anything other than "My Xbox" too much for Kinect users?
  • 14:36:05: RT @emuparadise: @superbus MS became Apple :P Dumb that shit down, it should 'just work' or 'just about' :P
  • 14:39:46: Reading RWS's press release on Postal 2 becoming a whipping boy. Bollocks. They SPECIFICALLY INTENDED to be that whipping boy.
  • 14:41:56: At this point, if I'm an NFL GM, I'm hanging up the moment Bill Belichick calls me about anything. Even to say hello. http://es.pn/aZqtnQ
  • 14:44:35: Randy Moss's next step: hugging Belichick and leg-dropping Zygi Wilf while Tony Schiavone calls it the end of professional football.
  • 14:45:54: OK, Microsoft, I can download ESPN3, but then immediately have to patch my system? It doesn't come pre-patched? You guys suck. Really.
  • 14:49:34: This could change, but ESPN3 has one "live" event (Blackpool v. West Brom, from... Sunday?), and nothing else. It sucks a bag of cocks.
  • 15:37:09: Violent AND apathetic? That's a hell of an extreme, Chuck Greenberg. #yankeefansdosuck http://es.pn/9d9pyb
  • 15:40:11: I wonder what kind of moustache I should grow for Movember. Straight "Copstash"? Porn star? Not enough time for a handlebar, sadly.
  • 15:46:57: Quick prediction: New England, if they get to, will claim Randy Moss. He's seen the light, and New England will get back a demon.
  • 15:48:23: In addition to that, they get what will likely be a high third round pick to boot. They gained two players - counting New Moss - for free.
  • 15:57:43: I love reading articles about hockey officials. The comments are always "that's nice but THEY ALL SUCK BECAUSE OF ONE CALL IN ONE GAME"
  • 16:34:49: OK, it seems like ESPN3 just needed time to load information. Now? It's a game changer for me and Live Gold. Finally, something I use!
  • 17:00:48: Have to say, @dmataconis stated the obvious here: for college-aged voters, Obama was the same as an iPod: pop culture. http://bit.ly/bzWRyk
  • 17:36:52: My next few tweets will be for local cats only. It's who I'm personally endorsing in my local (Derby, CT) elections. The rest of you, sorry.
  • 17:37:42: Before I do that: Hey @jvb, can you RT that yes, I know you can skip the tutorial, and I ended up doing just that after I tweeted? Please?
  • 17:38:47: CT GOV: I support Tom Foley. Malloy is a snake who plays loose with the facts, and Stamford's "growth" was built on economy + NY state.
  • 17:49:04: CT SEN: Going NOTA. McMahon is pathetic, and Blumy is a big government whore. I'm writing in Brian K. Hill. No, really. http://bit.ly/axNeak
  • 17:49:57: CT AG: George Jepsen. Martha Dean is a God-damned whackjob, and she's suing Jepsen off the ballot because she knows she's done.
  • 17:52:50: CT STATE SEN: Tamath Rossi. Joe Crisco has had 8 terms. That's four too many. He's Rosa DeLauro with less hair.
  • 17:56:01: CT 114th: I decided on @ThemisKlarides before I even knew her opponent. Don't fix what isn't broke, and Ms. Klarides isn't broken.
  • 17:56:55: CT US HOUSE: None of the above. Rosa DeLauro is Pelosi 2.0, Labriola is a Tea Party idiot, and to hell with the Green party.
  • 18:13:23: CT 104th: Mary Porter. No question. Linda Gentile just fights Rell at this point. Porter's focus - Jobs + Vets - is right up my alley.
  • 18:37:46: I need to remind people who read me politically. I am independent. I am a registered Libertarian... and on the liberal fringes there.
  • 19:15:51: RT @BizNasty2point0: gota text from a friend sayin a guy with his young son showed up trick or treating with a favre jersey and dildo ha ...
  • 21:37:43: Never in a million years did I think this Giants team had a chance to win a World Series. That fanbase needed it.
  • 22:19:56: RT @DanRyckert: My 360 just downloaded, installed, and applied a giant dashboard update in 2 minutes. If this was PS3 I'd still have abo ...
  • 22:28:51: Vince Desi Slams CA Games Law Proponents For Picking On Postal Franchise: On the eve of the first hearings in the ... http://bit.ly/b0KseA
  • 23:09:38: The good thing about being the news guy at DHGF: I can make executive decisions like "I am not posting news about the penis DLC for Privates
  • 23:21:28: RT @BreakingNews: California-issued welfare debit cards no longer valid for marijuana shops, psychics and other businesses (They were!?)
  • 23:22:56: Seems like all the news from today was executives having a prick-waving contest. Gentlemen. How about some fucking content? Work with me.
  • 23:23:27: "Our game is the best!" "Our system is the best!" "Our game will make you cry on the best system!" I'll be the judge, thank you.

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