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From Twitter 11-05-2010

  • 00:32:47: RT @twelveicings: You guys... I have to go back to E3 next year. It's a must. (I need to be able to go one year! :()
  • 14:18:15: Hey college kids! Come play for Isiah Thomas at FIU! Ignore that whole "I want an NBA job again, NOW" thing, though. http://es.pn/amBd4l
  • 14:19:25: So @KeithOlbermann is in trouble for donating to Dems? No! I never would have thought! This is stupid, patronizing, cowardly BS on MSNBC.
  • 14:20:04: Jon Stewart donates to Anthony Wiener's campaign all the time. Does that mean The Daily Show is going to "suspend" him, too? Bullshit.
  • 14:21:19: Here's the thing: MSNBC hired @KeithOlbermann SPECIFICALLY because he was NOT "partial". To play this card now is ridiculous.
  • 14:25:24: RT @dmataconis: If MSNBC is firing Olbermann because of his bias, what about Matthews, Maddow, and O'Donnell ?
  • 14:27:53: I guess the fact that Olbermann is suspended and Hannity is not shows once again that Democrats are spineless, gutless pussies.
  • 14:47:54: RT @chuckjaywalk: @superbus The problem is that the Left believes there are rules of engagement long after the Right took off their gloves.
  • 14:56:13: RT @ctelections10: Malloy wins by 5,644: SOTS Susan Bysiewicz posts latest final results in gov's race (I'm calling it now: FIXED)
  • 14:57:19: At the very least, #CTGOV should be challenged to Hell and back. This election was a complete and unmitigated disaster, and BPT is tainted.
  • 14:58:05: And let me reiterate: Susan Bysiewicz should never hold a job ever again. She is shamefully incompetent in all areas. Completely useless.
  • 20:05:30: Nice to see Christine O'Donnell setting feminism back 50 years.
  • 22:04:22: RT @videogamedeals: Medal of Honor $39.99 - Amazon Deal of the Day: http://ow.ly/35m0S (That was quick...)
  • 22:23:58: RT @ElegantScience: FoxNewsCorp gave $1.2M in contributions to the GOP. Keith Olbermann at MSNBC gives $2,400 to Dems, and gets the axe: ...
  • 22:28:59: For those wondering about @KeithOlbermann: Remember that Keith has a very long history of butting heads with bosses, inc. at ESPN and Fox.
  • 22:29:31: It's entirely possible that Keith was suspended simply so his bosses could try to tell him who the boss is (note to MSNBC: Keith's the boss)
  • 22:39:18: With that said, I think Olbermann resigns, if this wasn't staged. Remember that Keith briefly resigned from Daily Kos over a simple article.
  • 22:45:25: Has anyone forgotten that Rupert Murdoch is a piece of shit? Here's a reminder. http://huff.to/axZOL1

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